Congratulations to our 2018 Midsouth Garrison Command Staff!

Commanding Officer: David Camacho

Executive Officer: Clint Land

Membership Liaisons: Jason Mullikin, Chris Bower, Chase Gray

Web Liaisons: Robbie Amburgey, Brandon Owens, Bryan Siders

Public Relations Officers: Justin Bryant, Kenzo Barlow, Brielle Hoagland

Event Coordinators: Jeff Horstman (Derby City Squad / W. KY), Robbie Amburgey (Music City Squad / M. TN), Clint Land (Blue Sun Squad / E. KY), Alex McKeel (Mos Nooga Squad / E. TN), Stephen Whaley (Twin Sun Squad / W. TN), Michael Richardson (MSG General)

Charity Representative: Crystal Monroe

Merchandise & Branding Officers: Crystal Monroe, John Hoagland


Congratulations to our 2018 Midsouth Garrison Squad Leaders!

Mos Nooga Squad: Edward Lively

Music City Squad: Robbie Amburgey

Blue Sun Squad: Clint Land

Derby City Squad: Darren Carman

Twin Sun Squad: Stephen Whaley