Fanboy Expo

July 12, 2019 – July 13, 2019 all-day

I know official request forms probably have not been received yet but organization and planning on our end needs to get going.


Fanboy Expo

701 Henley Street

Knoxville, Tennessee 37902



Friday, July 12th – 12pm-7pm

Saturday, July 13th – 10am-6pm

Sunday, July 14th – 11am – 5pm


Star Wars guests at Fanboy

Frank Welker – the voice of your childhood

Denis Lawson – freakin Wedge!

Alan Harris – Bossk,  stormtroopers in all three films as well as Anthony Daniels stand in for C3Po, a Bespin Security Guard, and the model for Han Solo in Carbonite.

Mark Dodson – Salacious B Crumb

Ian Whyte – various aliens in The Force Awakens, Star Wars Rogue One

Colin Cantwell – Colin went to work designing some of your favorite Star Wars ships like the X-wing fighter, Death Star, Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, Landspeeder, Stardestroyer and more

Steve Blum – Zeb Orrelios in Star Wars Rebels


Cast of Star Wars Resistance will be joining us including: 

Christopher Sean (Kazuda), 

Suzie Mcgrath (Tam) 

Scott Lawrence (Jarek)

They will be in attendance in the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Star Wars area. Proceeds from the sale of their autographs and photo ops will go directly to the Children’s Hospital.

This is the area all of us will be in this year, 400 sq.ft. of Star Wars goodness, fantastic opportunity to have extra displays, games, and activities. 



Passes will be provided to approved Legion members only and trooping in a Legion approved costume or working the booth for at least 3 hours will be required to receive a pass. Not trying to be a jerk but, we had too many passes given out to people who either did not troop or were not even members. This was noticed by the organizers of the event. We cannot abuse the privilege we are given, or we will stop getting passes altogether for events like this. I do not want to have to do a signup sheet for this event if not necessary (they are rarely followed anyway), so please just do your part and don’t leave some of your fellow Legion brothers and sisters doing all the work. If you do not plan to suit up or work the booth, then please just buy a ticket. Please post below if you plan to attend, and whether you will be suiting up, or working the table, and what days.


Thank you for your understanding.


Saturday night we will also organize a group dinner at a nearby restaurant. 


Also if able please stick around after the con closes on Sunday to help Don load the tank, it’s a real pain to do it with just 3 people  




701 Henley Street

Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

Eastbound on I-40:

Take Exit 388 onto 441 South (Henley Street). The Convention Center is at the corner of Henley and Clinch Ave.

Westbound on I-40:

Take Exit 387. Turn right onto Western Ave. At the third traffic light turn right onto Henley Street. The Convention Center is at the corner of Henley Street and Clinch Ave.

Southbound on I-275:

At the I-275/I-40 interchange, bear right onto 441 South (Henley Street). The Convention Center is on the right at the corner of Henley Street and Clinch Ave.

Northbound (from airport):

Take 129 North. Take ramp I-40 East (Asheville) stay in the right lane to Exit 388 onto 441 South (Henley Street), drive to Henley Street. The Convention Center is on the right at the corner of Henley Street and Clinch Avenue.