Sat – Tullahoma, TN – 20th Annual Soap Box Derby

May 4, 2019 @ 6:00 am – 3:00 pm

Tullahoma 20th Annual Soap Box Derby

Venue:  Lincoln Street, Tullahoma

Venue address:  501 N. Collins St

                Tullahoma, Tennessee  37388


Event Start:  5/4/2019  – 7am

Event End:    5/4/2019  – 3pm

Event Website: 

Expected number of attendees:  60

Requested number of characters:  ?

Requested character types:

Secure changing/staging area: Yes

Comments: Each year on the first Saturday in May the City of Tullahoma puts on an annual Soap Box Derby. This year happens to fall on May 4th (Star Wars Day!) and it’s our 20th year of the program. I’m going to push it as a Star Wars themed event because of the date, and would like to see if there’s a handful of characters that might come for the event, do pictures with the kids and such. What would be ideal is a few in the morning when the event starts and then a few in the afternoon when it ends to do photos with the winners. First race goes down the hill about 7am and the last race is usually between 2 and 3pm based on number of attendees. Thanks for your consideration and look forward to speaking with you.

Referred by:  Tennessean newspaper article from 2015



MSG GEC Notes:  This event is opened to RL, Mandos, and Droid Builders alike… so please post if you can attend this event and will be able to be in Tullahoma, TN on May 4th.  Please note that the most people will be there at the start of the race at 7AM, so we are asked to troop for a little while before the 7AM race starts.  So, figure that we should start trooping (be in costume) around 6AM if we can be there.  The people tend to leave as the races go on, and the kids are eliminated, so while the end of the race may be ideal for us in terms of travel and time suiting up, this will have the fewer number of people… the finalists (kids) and their families most likely.  The event is outside, but they do have a lightning shelter if he weather gets bad.


It doesn’t look like they expect us to stay for the entire day, but I’m sure they wouldn’t care if we did.  However, since they asked for the beginning and the end, we’ll keep two rosters going… one for early morning and one for mid afternoon.  You can sign up for AM, or the PM, or both (if you want to troop, go home or do something else, and come back), or stay the entire derby race if you’d like. Just let me know when you post which one(s) you want. If you have more than one costume, you could wear one in the AM and one in the PM.  The exact end time depends on the number of racers, so it could be as early as 1PM and as late as 3PM.  Those still present at the race will probably take (winners) photos with us since they will likely all be finalists.


6AM (+) Roster:  (Figure on being ready to troop a little before 6AM, and likely hanging around for an hour or so.)



2PM (+/-) Roster: (Figure being ready around 1PM and trooping the event until it is over which would be about 3PM.)