Saturday – Franklin – AMC Theater – Dreams and Wishes of TN wish granted

February 1, 2020 @ 6:15 pm – 6:45 pm

UPDATE: We now have the official times for this event.  It is 6:30 to 7PM for our part of the Dreams and Wishes of TN granted wish.  I know this is later in the day than we had planned initially, but we had to make sure everything would work out.


He will be eating lunch/dinner in Murfreesboro, and making it to the Franklin AMC about 6:30.  The movie (ST: ROS) showing is at 7PM, so he will visit with us and take pictures for this time, then head into the theater.  He has not yet seen this movie, so no spoilers.  I think he has seen all the others.  Then, later this year, within a month or so, he will get to go to Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge park as part of his wish.


We can show up at the theater to change around 5:30 or 6PM, but the plan is to be suited up and ready by 6:30PM  This is a short one, so no one has to stay in costume very long.  Once he goes in hte theater to see the movie, we can de-suit or dress down and should be able to watch the movie.  Not sure on concessions, but I would guess anything other than drinks and popcorn will be on you individually.  No blasters again like the premier, but helmets, lightsabers, etc. are fine.  We will most likely use the same changing area we did for the premier.



AMC in Franklin/Cool Springs

633 Frazier Dr.

Franklin, TN 37067 




This is a tentative event post… in that Tanya with Dreams and Wishes is finalizing the details (exact times subject to change based on the AMC Theater and the other parts lining up). 

We were originally aiming for Sunday (Feb 2nd), but opted out of that since that is the SuperBowl.  So now the plan is for Saturday, Feb 1st.  I will modify this event as the details get developed.


Exact times may change, but the date is more certain.


Here is the basic plan so far:

Tanya will take him to lunch in the late morning or around Noon, probably in Murfreesboro as the first part of his wish.

We would be part of the second part of the wish.  He will get to see the ROS movie in Franklin, were we all troop it like we did the premier in December.  He hasn’t yet seen that one but is a big fan.  We would get there and suit up before he arrives, troop for his arrival for about an hour or so before he heads into the movie.  Tanya is trying to work in a showing for those of us that troop as well, so not only would you troop for a worthy cause, you might be able to see the movie another time.

Later, in February or March, the other part of his wish will be to go to Disney World and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. 


At the moment,  we are not aware of a limit for trooping, so RL, Mandos, and Droid Builders are all welcomed.  Seeing the movie may have a limit, but that is TBD.


Lightsabers should be fine, but no blasters to respect the theater policies just like we did for the premier.