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    Fanboy Expo is reaching out once again to ask the 501st to help make Christmas memories for some great kids. We are honored to be helping East Tennessee Children's Hospital organize a Christmas Parade for the patients who are unable to have visitors or venture out of their rooms this holiday season. We will have a strong cosplay turn out as well as police, fire, army and of course Santa Claus! The parade will be on Sat. December 5th at 1pm in Knoxville TN. Line up will begin at noon. We of course will be wearing masks and socially distancing. Can we count on the 501st to participate? Nothing says Happy Holidays like Star Wars!
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  4. New to the area

    Hey Mike, I'm Trey McGinnis, I'm the Squad Leader for Twin Sun Squad. We're based in and around Memphis (Millington certainly fits the bill!). I just sent you a friend request on Facebook so I can get you into some of the chats we use to organize over there (everything is on the forums as well) Welcome!!
  5. New to the area

    I remember you! Sadly I'm terrible with names.
  6. New to the area

    Hi Mike welcome aboard!!! We trouped together when I was in Virginia.
  7. Hello, from a new transfer

    Welcome here trooper! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. New to the area

    That's quite a ways from Virginia! My sister lives in Arlington and is a teacher there. You're gonna want to connect with the Twin Sun Squad folks, they're our Memphis-area squad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. New to the area

    Not transferring garrisons yet. VA has been to good to me through the years. I'm in Millington.
  10. New to the area

    Hi Mike, welcome! Which area are you in? I'm Robbie, Music City Squad leader and Garrison GML. Has your old Garrison transferred you yet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. New to the area

    Hello, I'm new to the area. Active Duty Navy. Joined the 501st in Virginia in 2011, moved to Florida, then to New Orleans, then Phoenix, now I'm here. So I've been around a few blocks. SL-9730 Darth Revan and Stormtrooper Commander costumes. Looking forward to meeting you all. I go by Mike.
  12. The only Snowtrooper down there? There's all kinds up in the Michigan garrison. My next one will be a Biker Scout.
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    This was brought to us just a few hours ago. “The Marketing department of Centennial Children's asked us to participate in their annual NICU reunion. They want as many characters as possible. They will have safety protocols, but no real contact. All characters are welcome and they will have masks available for those without helmets. It is in the parking lot at Centennial Children's Hospital at 2220 Patterson St, Nashville, TN 37203. They would like people there at 1:30 to get their temps taken and other safety protocol. There will be a changing area and storage for items.”
  14. Reason #1 for moving is my family... reasons #2-100 are winter related!
  15. Hope Church Drive-Thru Fall Fest

    Event Name: Fall Fest Venue: Hope Church Venue address: 8500 Walnut Grove Road Cordova , Tennessee 38018 USA Event Start: 10-24-20 - 11:00 AM Event End: 10-24-20 - 1:00 PM Event Website: hopechurchmemphis.com/specialneeds Expected number of attendees: 400 Requested number of characters: 3 to 4 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: We can provide Comments: We normally have a special needs fall fest that you have attended this time of year but due to covid we are having to change it up a little. We are having a drive thru safari and ending with a space theme to go with our upcoming weekend theme. We would love to have 3 o4 characters waving to the kids as they drive through. Referred by: have used you in the past I've reached out and confirmed that all attendees will not be allowed to leave their cars, and all volunteers will be wearing masks and distancing
  16. Hello, from a new transfer

    Welcome to the MSG! My brother lives in Michigan and I'm sure that you will be a lot happier in TN during the winter months. Lol.
  17. Hello, from a new transfer

    Welcome! Michigan is part of my travel territory(when travel was permitted anyway...) and I would usually stay over in the Troy area but always made my way over to the bars/restaurants in Royal Oak. Welcome to the MSG, we're glad to have ya!
  18. Greetings From Georgia!!

    Welcome to the MSG forum! You have a superb selection of costumes and you are welcome to troop with us at any time. See you then. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Hello! Fellow Legion friend here. I'm based with Georgia Garrison and Bespin Base, hoping to troop with neighboring garrisons again once we actually get back to trooping. Currently I have a dual approved Jawa, Inferno Squad Gideon Hask, just submitted an Ep3 Commander Cody. Also have in the works Jakku Poe Dameron, Inferno Del Meeko, and an Old Republic Havoc Trooper. Also, if thats not enough, I'm an aspiring droid builder. Have an IG-1, Pit Droid, and TROS D-0 currently in the works.
  20. Hello, from a new transfer

    Hey hey! Welcome to the MSG (People capitalize it both ways haha) I'll get your access fixed up so you can see the rest of the boards.
  21. Hello, new brothers and sisters of the Midsouth (is it spelled that way, or is it MidSouth?) My name is Ron Zill, and I will soon be relocating from the Great Lakes Garrison in Michigan. (I've already undergone the procedure to change my affiliation, so I am officially listed in the Midsouth as per my 501st profile). For the first 48+ years of my life, I've lived in Royal Oak, MI (Detroit area), but I will soon be moving to Knoxville (I begin my new job in early November). My ID is TK-82611, specifically as an ANH Stunt trooper. I've been in the 501st for less than two years, but trooped over 70 events during that time. I've been a teacher for nearly 20 years, but I am moving on to a new career at the Y-12 complex in Oak Ridge, working in Building Services. I've visited TN many times, as my best friend has lived here for a long time, my sister and her family for a shorter time, as well as my mother moving here after the passing of my father about 10 years ago. It's time for me to leave MI, and make Tennessee my new home. I can't say I will miss the winters! I have no family of my own, but I am one of those people whose dog is like my child. Once the pandemic is over, I look forward to trooping regularly again, and getting to know you in person. Thanks, and May the Force Be With You.
  22. Overdone, but hello there...

  23. Overdone, but hello there...

    Welcome aboard!
  24. General Kenobi... you are a bold one. My name is Jared Purcell I have no ties with any costuming group I live in the Chattanooga area I've done some research in the years leading to my 18th to get ready to join lol. I found the forums through the main 501st site. I'm requesting access because I'd like to get to know members in my community and seek wisdom. I hope I did this correctly.
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    Event Name: Providence Christian Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival Venue: School Venue address: 410 dejarnette lane Murfreesboro , Tennessee 37129 USA Event Start: 10-17-2020 - 10–17-2020 Event End: 10AM - 12PM Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 500-1000 Requested number of characters: 8 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: Restrooms, water, snacks Comments: Outdoor fall festival. Masked characters preferred due to Covid, but all welcome. Please bring a face mask. Social distancing will be observed.
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