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    Providence Christian Academy Fall Festival School sponsored event with games, attractions, and music. Open to the public. Attendance is near 1,000. Children oriented environment. Event Date 10/19/2019 Arrival time: 9AM Start Time: 10AM End Time: 2PM Event Address: 410 Dejarnette Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Secure dressing area: Yes Water and/or Food/snacks: Yes Parking either free or paid: Yes Time is flexible too. Come and go whenever. Referred by: Mike Jones (MSG member)
  5. Hello my name is Bill, SL 76245, I have two approved costumes in the Carolina Garrison, Count Dooku from ep.2 and an Imperial Officer (ANH Commander). I'm working on an Imperial Gunner. Also working on a Jedi for the RL. I visit Tennessee from time to time and would love to come troop with y'all.
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    Venue address: 1 Titans Way Nashville, Tennessee 37213 USA Event Start: 11-01-2019 - 5:30 pm Event End: 11-01-2019 - 8:00 pm Event Website: https://www.lightthenight.org/events/nashville Expected number of attendees: 3000 Requested number of characters: 8 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: No Comments: Light The Night is an annual event to raise funds and awareness for those fighting blood cancer. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night brings communities together to fundraise and show unity in the fight against cancer. Together, we can bring light to the darkness of cancer! This would be a great way to show support to the families and children that unfortunately have to go through cancer. Referred by: I used to work at the Alzheimer's Association and we used you all at one of our past events. We were so impressed and I thought of you all first for this event.
  8. Finally adding on here!

    Never too late to join... Knoxville and Chattanooga have a decent number of events, and so do the other parts of TN if you find yourself heading West.
  9. Finally adding on here!

  10. Finally adding on here!

    Welcome Elizabeth!
  11. Finally adding on here!

  12. Hello, my name is Elizabeth Carey! I had joined the 501st with the Knox eisley squad back in July. I'm a denizen Jawa from ANH. I joined after meeting my boyfriend and getting to help with a few events before getting my costume built. I was wanting to make sure I keep up with the events on here for posting so that's why I added in, even a bit late.
  13. Bluff City Balloon Jamboree

    Event Name: The Bluff City Balloon Jamboree Venue: large property behind Walmart in Collierville Venue address: Memphis, Tennessee 38018 USA Event Start: june 20- 2020 - open Event End: june 21 2020 - open Event Website: thegreatbluffcityballoonjamboree.com Expected number of attendees: 15-25K Requested number of characters: open Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: This will be the first Hot Air Balloon event in the area. there will be 30 hot air balloons along with the Darth Vader and Yoda special shape hot air balloons
  14. Original Trilogy Screening @ Black Lodge

    Event Name: Star Wars Original Trilogy Screening at Black Lodge Venue: Black Lodge Venue address: 405 n Cleveland Memphis , Tennessee 38104 USA Event Start: 12/20/19 - 7pm Event End: 12/21/19 - 2am Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 150-200 Requested number of characters: Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: We will be showing the original films, having a costume contest and a band will be playing a themed Star Wars set. Referred by: Saw you guys at various events
  15. Fanboy Expo 2.0

    Fanboy Expo 701 Henley Street Knoxville, Tennessee 37902 EVENT TIMES: FRIDAY, October 18, 2019 EVENT HOURS: 5pm – 9pm SATURDAY, October 19, 2019 EVENT HOURS: 10am-6pm SUNDAY, October 20, 2019 EVENT HOURS: 11am – 5pm Passes will be provided to approved Legion members only and trooping in a Legion approved costume or working the booth for at least 3 hours will be required to receive a pass. Thank you for your understanding. Signups: Fri-Sun Friday Saturday Sunday Directions 701 Henley Street Knoxville, Tennessee 37902 Eastbound on I-40: Take Exit 388 onto 441 South (Henley Street). The Convention Center is at the corner of Henley and Clinch Ave. Westbound on I-40: Take Exit 387. Turn right onto Western Ave. At the third traffic light turn right onto Henley Street. The Convention Center is at the corner of Henley Street and Clinch Ave. Southbound on I-275: At the I-275/I-40 interchange, bear right onto 441 South (Henley Street). The Convention Center is on the right at the corner of Henley Street and Clinch Ave. Northbound (from airport): Take 129 North. Take ramp I-40 East (Asheville) stay in the right lane to Exit 388 onto 441 South (Henley Street), drive to Henley Street. The Convention Center is on the right at the corner of Henley Street and Clinch Avenue.
  16. Columbia person here!

    Census now live
  17. Heads up it's Census time. If you're a 501st member and you have never registered on the Legion boards you will need to do that to fill out the census. It is required by each member (you can do it!) Census can be completed at: https://www.501st.com/memberDB/census.php Please note that Dragon Con does not count as an official troop unless you volunteered to work the table or marched in the parade as part of the 501st. If you're seeing this post and not the one in the 501st Only section, that means I haven't heard from you to get your access sorted - shoot me a PM if you're an official member and you're missing access to the rest of the MSG boards.
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    * Forwarded by the Rebel Legion. * Charity walk to raise funds for the children at St. Jude. Event address: 1 Titans Way Nashville, TN 37123 Secure dressing area: Yes Water and/or food/snacks: Yes Parking either free or paid: Yes
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    Contact Name: John R. Hickman Contact Phone Number: () - Contact Email: Lpahickman@gmail.com Event Name: Customer Appreciation 2019 Venue: United Grocery Outlet Venue address: 4225 Chapman Highway Knoxville, Tennessee 37920-8228 USA Event Start: 09/28/2019 - 9am Event End: 09/28/2019 - 1pm Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 200+ Requested number of characters: Unknown Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: This event is done annually to give back to our community. This year we've decided to partner with Children's Hospital to raise money. We have numerous cosplayers in attendance, specialty vehicles and food. Referred by: A Cosplay member who is attending this event. My name is John R. Hickman, and I am one of the managers of the UGO located at 4225 Chapman Highway. I am contacting you to see if you'd be interested in attending an event I'm hosting on Saturday September 28, 2019 from 9am-1pm. This event will be held at our location on Chapman Highway in Knoxville Tennessee 37290. This event is held annually to give back to our great community, but this year is even more important because I have partnered with the Children's Hospital to help raise money for the kids. I have numerous things going on during this event. I have several local cosplayers dressed up to the kids favorite characters, I have local mascots including Chilly the Icebear, Homer the Hound, Shoney Bear, Andy the Armadillo, Sharky, Mayfield Cow and hoping for other mascots to join in. We have East Tennessee Tribute Rides on board with the General Lee, Roscoes Cop Car, Ecto 1, Mystery Machine and they'll be unveiling a new ride exclusively at this event. I have a few food vendors and local businesses setting up as well, along with some local Churches. I have 2 wonderful K9's coming with their amazing handler. We will be selling items, collecting donations and doing silent auctions to help raise money for them. My vendors will also be donating a portion of their proceeds to the cause. I am waiting to see if a few other organizations get back with me to jump on board as well. As you can see with all planned that's why it's called EPIC!!! Adding Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers to this event would be the cherry on top Feel free to email me back or give me a call on my cell 865-242-3509.
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    Event Name: Floating Pumpkin Patch Venue: New Providence Pool Venue address: 168 Cunningham Lane Clarksville, Tennessee 37042 USA Event Start: 10-19-2019 - 2:00 pm Event End: 10-19-2019 - 5:30 pm Event Website: Clarksville Parks & Recreation Facebook Page - look up Floating Pumpkin Patch Expected number of attendees: 400 Requested number of characters: Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: This is an event where children come in to hunt for their pumpkins in the water. Outside we will have carnival games and pumpkin decorating stations set up. Referred by: Have come for this event in the past. Notes: I a few of us did this event last year. We were outside greeting them as they went from the pool to the carnival area or vice versa. They had a small but happy crowd, and no costumes were soaked by the pool. Roster: Post if you can troop this and indicate costume if possible.
  21. Columbia person here!

    Thanks for the info!! That helps. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  22. Columbia person here!

    UPDATE: looks like the census is in October.
  23. Columbia person here!

    Before the MSC was created, or if you are outside a squad area when you were first approved, the general MSG marker/indicator was used. We were given the option to "join" the squad when MSG was created... some did, some did not. I'm pretty sure, but not 100% certain, that as new members are added, they are automatically linked to the squad if they are within the area. Good news is that it doesn't matter if you are in the MCS or the MSG as a whole... You can still troop anywhere in the garrison. Just know that the events are placed in the squad (MCS) or the garrison as a whole (MSG) based on the location of the events themselves. However, you should still be able to see all the event sections for each squad and the MSG as a whole ... and sign up for as many as you want to troop. Let Robbie or Marcus know if you cannot see the other areas. My limited knowledge on this is as follows: The garrison as a whole gets counted just before the Census in February for the elections, but part of that is to see if one has met the trooping requirement. I think the Co, XO, PR, or maybe the GML's verify who trooped on the local garrison level. I am not clear on the Detachment levels (Jolly Rogers) how they confirm the trooping requirement (if any) for any one detachment, but it is possible that the same process takes care of both... since one's costume is linked to a detachment by default... or so I would think. Another may want to clarify or confirm this, but that is my guess. As a trooper, I have never confirmed any trooping other than posting and showing up at the events. If they think you haven't trooped, there is a list of potentially inactive or retired members that is posted... and if you are on it, you might need to provide the details of when you trooped and with what costume(s)... I think.
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    Event Name: Tennessee Thespian Conference Venue: Middle Tennessee State University Venue address: 1301 East Main Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37132 USA Event Start: Saturday, Jan 18 - 8:30 am Event End: Saturday, Jan.18 - 7:10 pm Event Website: tnthescon.com Expected number of attendees: 300+ Requested number of characters: 10 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: The Tennessee Thespian Conference is an annual event at MTSU. Thousands of students, presenters and clinicians from all over the nation come together, for workshops and classes, to learn about all aspects of professional theatre--both in front of and behind the curtain. Your Legion would lead a workshop that would share information about the 501st Midsouth Garrison and also provide our young thespians, clinicians and guests and all who enjoy "science fantasy" with an interactive learning experience that promotes volunteerism and a fascination with high quality costuming. Students would have a chance to talk with costumed members and learn/see some of the things that they do at public events for kids and older audiences. It will also be an opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a Legion member to get more information. Workshop times: Saturday morning (8:30 am - 9:15 am ~ 11:00 am -12:00 pm ~ 12:10 pm - 1:00 pm) Saturday afternoon 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm ~ 4:00 pm -4:45 pm ~ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm ~ 6:10 pm - 7:10 pm) Referred by: Invited 501st Legion Carolina Garrison to Town of Summerton, SC STAR WARS Event.
  25. Meeting up

    It was goodd meeting you Chuck. I was the cat at the table not in costume; we spoke for a while. Find me on FB, under Taylor Todd. My profile pic is sgt chesty the bulldog. I live in Franklin and am happy to help with your builds. I can't wait to open the garage for some Fall weather.
  26. Columbia person here!

    I have some questions. Why do some have an MSG Member banner under their name (where mine says Music City Squad)? Where do we record troops or is it just Jolly Rogers Squadron that counts troops as missions?
  27. New Forum Member

    @LordKosh - Thanks for the detailed reply! I'll figure out next steps. I appreciate it. I love my Shock Trooper costume. As you probably know, I believe the only way to have one is to create it. It's my first creation, and I know it needs tweaking to be more accurate. Jim
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