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  2. Hey John! Nice to meet you! The funny thing is, I'm on the shorter side as well lol
  3. Greetings from Murfreesboro & Chattanooga TN

    Hey thats me!!! Super stoked for you to get out there and trooping with us buddy! your pal, TK-81170
  4. Greetings from Murfreesboro & Chattanooga TN

    Hey Nate!!! Just stopping by to say hi and good luck and enjoy this process. I am by no means and expert with Imperial Commanders, I just TAKE orders from them. Even they make fun of me for being such a short Stormtrooper, but they know my skills. Someone with a better understanding of things for Commander will be here shortly. Oh, Welcome to the Imperial Academy!!!!! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  5. Hey everyone! My name is Nathaniel (Nate) and I am starting on my first 501st costume! A friend of mine Christian Dunham (TK-81170) got me interested and I am putting together an Imperial Staff Officer (non-Saga) uniform. I currently attend college outside of Nashville TN, but I'm from Chattanooga TN. Can't wait to get started!
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    Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention https://iccollectorsconvention.com/ Sheraton Music City Hotel 777 McGavock Pk Nashville, TN 37214 Hotel website if you need a room: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/bnasi-sheraton-music-city-nashville-airport/ NOTE: Updates may follow with more details later from ICCC, and possibly from Metro Nashville COVID-19 Response updates, but we have been invited to the ICCC for 2021. We have done this event before, so you may remember it well when it was one of the events held at the Williamson Co. Ag Center in Franklin. It may be a little different with Social Distancing and mask requirements, but this is an opportunity to troop, bring some cheer to brighten up the weekend, and enjoy a convention at the same time. Setup and breakdown times will follow later. How photo ops will work will be provided later. Passes: The MSG has been given a limited number of free passes, which will be given to those that will commit to trooping a shift on any one of the day "shifts", where each trooper is in approved costume(s) for most of that time and near the table (or in a group if we are allowed to roam around in costume). MSG has been given a table, so anyone who wants to bring props to display can do so. The 20 vendor passes may be able to be extended if we can coordinate passing them from one costumed character to the other as the shifts change...so please respond with your preferred day, and what shift or shifts you would like to troop. Obviously, if there are enough passes for everyone, everyone will get one... but since there may not be, table duty and other factors like signup order, will be used to help decide who gets the free passes. Like we have with some other events, we are going to give priority to newer members with approved costumes if we need to break ties for the free passes...if needed. At this time, we are going to exclude handlers from this unless there are extras. If so, handlers will also get them...so please indicate number of handlers if you have them when you post to sign up. If you would like to avoid table duty, and be on your own schedule for the convention, please feel free to use the ICCC link above to purchase your own tickets. Free passes will go to those that will be promoting the MSG and acting as representatives of the 501st legion. As long as we have a sizable group of costumed characters, a few can work the table in the MSG racing shirts too... just make sure there are some actual characters please. And feel free to swap out during a shift or from shift to shift as breaks are needed from hot costumes. If there is enough interest in doing so, we can also run a donation/collection for a worthy cause. People are more likely to donate if costumed characters are available to draw them to the table. Roster: Please post if you can attend and which day(s) shift(s) you think you can do... and if possible, what character: Friday, April 16th 3PM-8PM Saturday, April 17th 10AM - 3PM 3PM - 8PM Sunday, April 18th 11PM - 2PM 2PM - 6PM Hopefully, we can all have a good time trooping this event, and everyone will get to participate that wants to.
  8. Greetings from Knoxville, TN

    Greetings and welcome, D.J.! Thanks for posting. Any ideas on which kit you are going to start with? Plenty of folks here that are great resources!
  9. Been apart of a galaxy far far away since 1999 and looking to continue showing my love for Star Wars by joining local 501st. Joining a local 501st has always been a must for me and I’m finally in a point in career that allows me freedom to do a little bit more activities outside work. I go by D.J.
  10. Greeting fellow Legionnaires. I'm hoping to gain access to you forum so that I may troop when I travel in the territory. I've already met one of your members in Gatlinburg and I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to join events when I'm in the area. Thank you James
  11. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Elizabeth Carey ID DZ75710 Knox Eisley access request
  13. Returned to the Area

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up! It’s definitely something i’ll look into down the line
  14. Returned to the Area

    Welcome back, Amber. Hopefully, by the time you get your boots and costume approved, we may have more trooping opportunities. COVID-19 has kept things on the slow side for trooping. Staff Officer is one of my favorites, and probably the one I use most often. BTW: you might also like the Imperial Navy Trooper (Dress Uniform) as well... almost the same components with a different hat/helmet. Four versions to choose from depending on what specific components you have. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:IN_imperial_navy_officer
  15. Returned to the Area

    Hello Amber and welcome back. Good luck on your search for the boots. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone uniforms. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  16. Returned to the Area

    Hi Amber, good luck on your progress and see you hopefully soon!
  17. Returned to the Area

    Hey there! I’m Amber, and I recently moved back to the Johnson City/Kingsport area! I’ve introduced myself on this forum before, but that was a few years ago and nothing came of those early plans to join up. I’m currently in the process of sourcing an Imperial Staff Officer (Black) uniform, since my sewing skills are skills pretty mediocre. I’m also working on a Jawa just as a personal side project to start learning and hopefully move into making my own uniforms in the future! As far as my Staff Officer is concerned, I have my belt, code cylinders, and rank bar. My tunic/jodhpurs are with the tailor, and a hat is on the way. Just have to get the boot situation sorted! I look forward to meeting everyone again and hopefully being more active in the community this time around!
  18. Requesting Access

  19. Requesting Access

    Timothy Walker TB-82609 from the Bluegrass Garrison of Kentucky, requesting access Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. New from Clarksville

    TIE Reserve is also a good backup costume to have anyway. If part of your helmet or armor comes unglued during a troop or before the event... and you cannot repair it immediately, you can usually fall back on the Reserve until you have time to fix the broken or loose pieces. There are very few events where that won't work or where you cannot troop as TIE Reserve instead of pilot. In most cases, you can use either one you'd like. The belt, boots, and the black hat are common in several crewman/officer uniforms. The optional belt boxes, code cylinders, and blaster/holster can be used to "level up" your costume from a basic crewman to a more impressive one with "bling". Many of those items can be used with all of these items (or a sizeable combination of them). In your case, since you know you want to (eventually) get to the TIE Pilot, you only need to get the ones that will work for both. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything that you could get for a standard original trilogy TIE Reserve that you can't also use on the TIE Pilot...except the black hat swapped for the helmet. I had problems finding the boots as well...since that style of boots without zippers tends to have small calves... or mine are too big. I ordered mine a few sizes bigger to allow for that, and then use thick socks to fill the gap.
  21. New from Clarksville

    You can also check out Crowprops, he makes high quality boots. I got my TIE boots and Kylo boots from him and they are awesome. He'll ask for your specific measurements, so they are custom to you.
  22. New from Clarksville

    I agree with the TIE Reserve. I was planning on starting with the pieces that are required for both anyway. So, I could probably just get the Reserve approved while I complete the armor. Thanks for that idea! The issue I'm running into is the boots though, and waiting for wampawear to come back in stock for suits.
  23. New from Clarksville

    Welcome Dylan. Before COVID-19, Clarksville had a fairly large number events, so once trooping is back to normal, there will be plenty of events in your neighborhood. We've had a handful of troopers in Clarksville area as well, so there are others. Naturally, you'd be able to drive to Nashville area to troop as well, and perhaps before if you want to be a handler/helper at events that do happen prior to getting your costume approved, or troop anywhere else in TN. Once you get your costume approved, you could also look for events in Kentucky as well (Blue Grass Garrison) if that is convenient for you. Either way, this is definitely the best time to get your costume ready. Much like stormtroopers and biker scouts, you really can't have too many TIE pilots at events. They are iconic, and usually, one of the few costumes even the most basic and casual Star Wars fan can identify ---when they don't call you "Darth Vader" if we don't have a Vader, that is. BTW: You might consider starting with the TIE Reserve. It is a good, relatively easy costume to assemble and get approved if you refer to the CRL (Costume Reference Library) on the main 501st website. It is a good stepping stone towards a TIE pilot. Then, start working on the armor, chest box, hoses, and helmet. Once they are ready, submit the full pilot for approval. If it gets approved, you'll have two costumes and can alternate as you see fit. A lot of the Imperial uniforms use the same components, so looking at the CRL entries could help you find others that you may like that are similar... and use the same parts you already have (or will want) for your main TIE pilot. The Officers Corp and the Jolly Roger Squadron for pilots must have had the same suppliers.
  24. New from Clarksville

    Another rook for the Flight Deck! I'm just down the road outside Nashville. My first 501st approval was a New Hope TIE pilot. Happy to help in any way! Welcome and looking forward to watching your progress.
  25. New from Clarksville

    I'm really glad that I'm not the only one in Clarksville! I'm very excited for when I get to start trooping.
  26. New from Clarksville

    Hey brother welcome, my name is Rick and I’m in Clarksville as well. You’ve definitely come to the right place. Though not a tie fighter pilot we have several guys who have definitely mastered it... Scott and Braden to name a couple. We have an awesome garrison from leadership all the way down, and it has been an amazing journey for me, and I have met some friends for life. I look forward to trooping with you brother. MTFBWY Rick SL33448 (Vader) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Hello everyone, My name is Dylan Woodcock. I live in Clarksville, TN I'm not currently with 501st or Rebel legion or any other group. But I'm quite interested in joining 501st. I have wanted to join for a while, but due to my job I really couldn't. But now I have time for putting together a costume. I have always loved the TIE Pilot since I was little, so that is what I want to make. I'm currently just looking at different vendors for the pieces, looking at advice, and any other pieces of wisdom from current members. I will be starting on the belt very soon.
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