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    • May 05, 2018 02:00 PM Until 07:00 PM
      Contact Name:  Mike or Tess Viox
      Contact Phone Number:  (859) 647-7568
      Contact Email:  info@comics2games.com
      Event Name:  Free Comic Book Day 2018
      Venue:  Comics 2 Games, LLC
      Venue address:  8470 US Highway 42, Suite D
                      Florence, Kentucky
      Event Start:  05/05/2018  - 10:00 AM
      Event End:    05/05/2018  - 3:00 PM
      Event Website:  www.freecomicbookday.com
      Expected number of attendees:  1500
      Requested number of characters:  5
      Requested character types:
      Secure changing/staging area: Yes
      Comments: Free Comic Book Day is an event to promote reading and literacy.
      Referred by:  Brandon Owens

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  2. Interested in joining the Mid-South Garrison

    Welcome, there's a lot of good troopers in that area. If you need help just post.
  3. Welcome glad to have you!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Interested in joining the Mid-South Garrison

    Welcome! Good luck on your approval! What kit are you assembling?
  6. Interested in joining the Mid-South Garrison

    Welcome neighbor!
  7. I plan on getting my armor in the next 1-2 months and was wanting to look into joining this garrison since I spend a lot of time in and near Chattanooga (I live in NW Georgia 15 minutes from the TN state line). I also was hoping to get pointed in the right direction as far as my uniform is concerned. I have a place in mind, but wasn't sure of the best place to ask for advice. Thanks in advance and MTFBWY.
  8. Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to seeing you at the con this March!
  9. Last week
  10. VA Visitor - headed to Lexington, KY in March!

    Welcome to the forums ID-45555! Have fun at the con!
  11. name: Carly Kennedy Member of Garrison Tyranus (ID#: 45555) and Freedom Base location: Virginia How you learned about us: checked which Garrison covers Kentucky! Hello all! I'm headed to Lexington Comic Con in March so wanted to check in with the local Garrison in advance!
  12. Hello from West Virginia!

    Welcome! im still trying to get a kit and live in TN but i grew up in Beckley WV, nice to see a fellow mountaineer!
  13. Hello from North Mississippi!

    Warrant Officers don't have rank bars. But that is a great place to get started...as I did. Upgrade the boots and add the rank bar to turn the warrant officer into a staff officer. Or swap the hat out for a navy trooper helmet. I have always enjoyed how versatile the officer corp components are. I think Robbie or someone higher up the command staff would have to give you access to the forum sections. Welcome to TN.
  14. Hello from North Mississippi!

    Welcome to the MSG Forums, ID-71098! @Lord_Kosh can help you if you have any officer questions, especially rank bars, he’s like a pro
  15. Hi, ID-71098 Im an Imperial Warrant Officer from Mississippi, I am wondering if I can have access so I can sign myself up for events in Tennesse etc.
  16. Earlier
  17. Hello From Ft.Campbell kt

    Welcome to the Garrison. You have been upgraded to 501st membership. Have your old garrison move you.
  18. Hello From Ft.Campbell kt

    Welcome to the Midsouth Garrison Skylar. There is an event in town on Friday the 12th. Would love to have you along if you're free.
  19. Hello from West Virginia!

    Welcome and looking forward to seeing you there!
  20. Hey everyone! I'm TR-53557 from the Huntington/Hurricane area of West Virginia. Hoping to either meet some my fellow Legionnaires from your Garrison in the coming year. I'll be attending Lexington Comic Con in March and was hoping to troop with you!
  21. Hello From Ft.Campbell kt

    Hey man I am also station at fort cambell hit me up on here
  22. Hello From Ft.Campbell kt

    Long live the Empire, and welcome TK-19997! Hope to troop with you in the near future!
  23. Hello my name is Pvt.Leakey and also Tk-19997 I came from the Carolina Garrison and I am hoping I can get access to all the forms or if I have to sign up some where also if there any events in the area I could do plz let me know I have a face book and I am more then happy to add you as a friend so that we can stay in touch for future events! As always long live the Empire!

    Yes the website is going to take longer to fix. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Is website down as well says error when I try to reach it... http://midsouthgarrison.com
  26. Hello from Virginia!

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