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    name: Carly Kennedy Member of Garrison Tyranus (ID#: 45555) and Freedom Base location: Virginia How you learned about us: checked which Garrison covers Kentucky! Hello all! I'm headed to Lexington Comic Con in March so wanted to check in with the local Garrison in advance!
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    Hey everyone! I'm TR-53557 from the Huntington/Hurricane area of West Virginia. Hoping to either meet some my fellow Legionnaires from your Garrison in the coming year. I'll be attending Lexington Comic Con in March and was hoping to troop with you!
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    Warrant Officers don't have rank bars. But that is a great place to get started...as I did. Upgrade the boots and add the rank bar to turn the warrant officer into a staff officer. Or swap the hat out for a navy trooper helmet. I have always enjoyed how versatile the officer corp components are. I think Robbie or someone higher up the command staff would have to give you access to the forum sections. Welcome to TN.
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    Yes the website is going to take longer to fix. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks! Yeah I know Edwin. He's very cool. Looking forward to trooping with you too!