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    Hello everyone my name is Bob Holland. I've been around the 501st in my area for a few years now and finally finished my costume. I live in Louisville KY so I've been around the Derby City Squad pretty much since their inception. I'm extra stoked to get to bring Jawazilla to life and bring joy to the masses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Greg and Jim brought me here, blame them. Any who, I just moved to Knoxville from NY, was working on my armor with the ECG up there. Completed my DT with Greg down here, went on my first troop with Greg at Kingsport Conapalooza last month. Looking to hopefully submit soon, just fixing a few things beforehand. Hope to meet everyone soon.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Aurore Bivins and I just received my ID number, 64808! I live in Knoxville, TN and joining the 501st has been a goal of mine for 15 years. Now that my ANH Staff Officer has been approved, I'm going to get started on my Kessel Run Qi'ra. It's a huge honor to be a member of this group. I want to thank everyone at the booth at Fanboy Expo for being so encouraging and helpful when it came to submitting my application and making me feel welcome. I would appreciate full access to the boards so I can start participating.
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    Hey guys! I'm Laryssa, and I recently got my RL stripes in the Corellian Base end of January. Not in the 501st obviously, but Jyn may have a forged scan doc lying around that may say otherwise... I've known of the 501st/RL for years and have always wanted to join, but couldn't decide on a character until Rogue One. I've gotten to meet a handful of you all at a few events the past month or so -- it has been awesome, and everyone's been so welcoming! I'm looking forward to getting out there and doing more
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    Hey guys and gals. Several of you know me in the Nashville area, as I have been tagging along to events and such for the last 2 or so years, but I will follow instructions and introduce myself. I'm Becki Moore. I am part of several costuming groups in the Nashville area including but not limited to the TN Ghostbusters, Cosplay Collective, Music City Order of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Nashville Avengers and so on. I'm looking forward to my next troop. See you all soon!
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    Yep! I'm the only Fixer in the garrison
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    Hey all! My name is Joe and I'm an active BB8 builder and have tagged along with a few R2 builders to a local con(fandom fest). I'm looking to get involved so I can bring my BB8 to some future events. Note: BB8 in the photo IS mine, R2 is not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, My name is Aaron Paige, just got accepted into the 501st and MidSouth Garrison last night. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and learned about MidSouth Garrison from my girlfriend who is a member here as well. I am requesting access to the message boards here to be able to get the most out of my membership through interacting with fellow members and staying informed on events and happenings as well as any other info surrounding the garrison and 501st in general. Excited to be a part of the group and looking forward to it all!
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    Hi, I'm Michael Steinmacher and soon I will reveal myself to the Jedi. I'm in the final stages of finishing up my Darth Sidious/Emperor costume from ROTJ. Looking forward to being part of the MidSouth Garrison!
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    Hi everyone, My Name is Leslie Willis and I am from Old Hickory, TN. I will be submitting for my official 501st membership in the next couple of weeks as a Line Officer (Olive drab). I have known about the 501st for some time and I have already met many of the Mid South Garrison members at several of the local cons in TN. You may know me from the Battlestar Galactica Fanclub as I ran the club tables at ICCC, Fanboy Expo, and Wizard World just to name a few. I have always enjoyed Star Wars and I was intimidated for the longest time about submitting for membership but after meeting members and learning that it is not as hard as I thought it was I wanted to give it a go. I am a big geek at heart (along with my husband) and we enjoy just about every fandom from Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Super Heros, and more. I look forward to getting approved and to be able to start trooping with you all. In Service to the Empire, Freya
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    Welcome! @sl100 is the local Sith Lord here, I’m sure he’d enjoy the company
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    That sounds awesome. Next time there’s one I’ll definitely join so that I can figure out what to expect and do. I tried getting out to the ICCC last weekend but time was not on my side. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ID-15302 here, joined forums because TN is relatively close.
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    Yessir, I'm pretty excited!
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    Sorry I forced your pops into servitude with the Empire all the while helping to create a space station generating enough power to produce mass genocide. lol. Welcome!!!!!
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    Howdy from Binghamton! Might be headed out your way and wanted to say hello.
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    Welcome! I lived in West Knoxville for 18 years but am now residing in Seymour TN. Always good to see people in the area getting involved. LexCon is a great show and there will be a whole lot of us there, I think it's our Garrisons largest gathering each year. You got good resources there for building TK or TD's there with Jim & P Ratt, they can probably get the suit knocked out in a day or two, but if you ever need anything we're all here. Hope to see you trooping soon.
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    THE ONLY GUY TALLER THAN ME IN THE MSG!!!! Good to see you and GLAD your finally done. See you soon!!!
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    Thanks for the welcome note - -25 F this morning here in Alaska - make sure you bring a Wampa!
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    Greetings my name is James Henley and I have been looking at joining for quite a while now. I am currently in the Knoxville area and am currently working on getting a Darth Revan costume done. That is currently on the way. Once it does arrive I shall be submitting it for approval. One question I do have is with his main lightsaber on the crl. I tried to get where I ordered it to put the brass/ gold metallic accent to the pommel but was sent one that has the black instead. Is there anyone who can or knows how to fix this oversight or would I be ok the way it is? Thanks in advance for any extra information about this and I look forward to submitting and hopefully joining your ranks.
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    Welcome to the MSG 501st forum. Glad you have found a costume that you'd like to put together. Sounds like there will be a few new TIE Pilots in the Knoxville area. There are lots of people that can provide advise on where to get and not to get things. If you haven't picked a specific version of the TIE pilot, here is the CRL for the basic Pilot specs: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TI_TIE_Pilot_ANH You might also want to consider starting with the TIE Reserve Pilot costume since you can use it until you get your full pilot done... and it happens to be a lot of what you'd already need for the pilot anyway in terms of boot, belt, and suit: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TI_reserve_pilot
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    Welcome! I'm in memphis myself so shoot me a message I'd you need any help! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Thanks! It doesn't look like it would fit me (I'm a little more short and stout), but I really appreciate that!
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    Welcome friend! If you haven't already, I would recommend checking out Jolly Roger Squadron for your TIE costume
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