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    I'm glad to be officially in the 501st! TI-77514 reserve pilot reporting!
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    Long time fan, first time caller... Hey everyone, This is Whit Thompson out of Knoxville. I have been taking photos for the Knox Eisley Garrison since before they were official and decided to try things on the other side. I presently have an ESB Imperial Bridge Crewman costume that will be making it's first official appearance at Fanboy Expo. - Whit IC-10586
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    My name is Christian Dunham and im looking to join the 501st legion soon!
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    Thanks everyone, it’s been great trooping with you all too! I can indeed see the event topics, thanks for following up on that!
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    Been looking around and looks like stormtrooper is a bit outside my budget at the moment, so I'm thinking https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:ID_imperial_officer Problem is I don't know how to sew... Is there anybody in the Knoxville area that could help me learn?
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    Bwahaha. You guys are great.
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    Hello Folks. My name is Andy Cox and I'm new to the group. Just got my official 501s membership email yesterday. I live in the Spring Hill TN area. Looking forward to meeting some of you in the future and hopefully trooping with you.
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    I'm a little late to this conversation because I've been out of town, but I agree. I would love to start meeting some of you guys. I hated that I couldn't make out to the ICCC this weekend since it was only like 15 minutes from me. In all seriousness though, now that I've been approved I would love to start meeting some of you guys and get to know you as well. Do you guys ever get together once in while to hang out or just meet and touch base? As a rookie in the 501st I would love to get together and pick your brains and glean from your experiences.
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    Welcome! Glad to have you back in East Tennessee!
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    After a year of rebel-rousing, finally officially joined you guys Thanks for being so cool and welcoming this last year - and shout out to Robbie for reminding me to send in my photos!
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    Good, good. We have been following your progress with great interest. Welcome! I’ll invite you to the applicable FB groups. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello I'm Elizabeth Dunham, I'm not yet affiliated with the 501st and don't know what rebel legion is...just looking for something fun to do... Based in Knoxville, TN. Knew somebody years ago that was in the 501st, but lost contact with her years ago. Interested in sith/Jedi play, but could do trooper play as well, have to look at cost of costumes... About me... Am a Paramedic in real life, lived 13 years in Germany so I sound funny, love star wars and volunteering yo help people. Really could use another hobby to relax lol P.s. I got a dumb question... Looking at 501st legion website, looks like you can only be a with from the movies. What about being an inquisitor or Jedi? I see pictures of people with lightsaber in the gallery that aren't the Sith lords
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    Looking for people in the Tri-Cities area to connect with to discuss building a costume and finally becoming an approved member. Seems like most everyone here is 2+hrs. away from me. And there are never any events held around me that I have known the 501st to attend. Wondering if it would be better to join Garrison Tyrannus. I live in Bristol, TN. and Bristol, VA. is one mile away from me. But, then again the closest detachment is in Roanoke, 2hrs away as well. Maybe there should be a Tri-Cities detachment for people from both sides of the State Street.
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    He's building a stunt TK!
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    Hi, my name is Jonathan Holmes based here in hendersonville. I'm very much wanting to join the 501st and have no idea where to start. I heard about the 501st through friends knowing how much I enjoy star wars and making people laugh and enjoy star wars as much as i do. I would like to create an Original Trilogy Stormtrooper, but have no idea where to start and would very much love and appreciate any help from anyone on how to get things rolling.
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    I am to, I would love to see the armor close up and get ideas. I will check those places out, thank you so much
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    Hello my name is James Leach! I am completely new to the costuming scene and am very interested in joining the 501st. I just moved to Nashville (Madison) a few moths ago and work as a lighting programmer, operator, and technician for Pulse Lighting. I first heard about the 501st while doing barbershop quartet at a St Judes back home a few years ago. I haven’t decided what to build, yet. I’d love to get to be Darth Vader or Kylo someday, but I’m sure you already have it covered. I think being a TK Stormtrooper would be a lot of fun as well. I just want to be apart of this organization and help make a difference. Also, my pictures would only import upside down, so that’s why my profile is upside down. I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon! Happy holidays! -James
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    Hey guys had an awesome time trooping with Andy and the guys at the Montgomery county library. His stormtrooper is awesome, and his “move along” quotes were on point. I look forward to trooping with you again soon brother. Rick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello my name is Bill, SL 76245, I have two approved costumes in the Carolina Garrison, Count Dooku from ep.2 and an Imperial Officer (ANH Commander). I'm working on an Imperial Gunner. Also working on a Jedi for the RL. I visit Tennessee from time to time and would love to come troop with y'all.
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    Before the MSC was created, or if you are outside a squad area when you were first approved, the general MSG marker/indicator was used. We were given the option to "join" the squad when MSG was created... some did, some did not. I'm pretty sure, but not 100% certain, that as new members are added, they are automatically linked to the squad if they are within the area. Good news is that it doesn't matter if you are in the MCS or the MSG as a whole... You can still troop anywhere in the garrison. Just know that the events are placed in the squad (MCS) or the garrison as a whole (MSG) based on the location of the events themselves. However, you should still be able to see all the event sections for each squad and the MSG as a whole ... and sign up for as many as you want to troop. Let Robbie or Marcus know if you cannot see the other areas. My limited knowledge on this is as follows: The garrison as a whole gets counted just before the Census in February for the elections, but part of that is to see if one has met the trooping requirement. I think the Co, XO, PR, or maybe the GML's verify who trooped on the local garrison level. I am not clear on the Detachment levels (Jolly Rogers) how they confirm the trooping requirement (if any) for any one detachment, but it is possible that the same process takes care of both... since one's costume is linked to a detachment by default... or so I would think. Another may want to clarify or confirm this, but that is my guess. As a trooper, I have never confirmed any trooping other than posting and showing up at the events. If they think you haven't trooped, there is a list of potentially inactive or retired members that is posted... and if you are on it, you might need to provide the details of when you trooped and with what costume(s)... I think.
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    It was nice to meet you today, Chuck! I hope you were able to meet a few other folks from the MSG. I need to work on my Biker Scout. I know @PegasusBlue has a TIE pilot to work on. @Mike j cosplay is planning to build a trash compactor. Sounds like a build party needs to happen this fall before the weather gets too cold.
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    Hi! My hubby and I have just been transferred from Bloodfin! So excited to meet and troop with you all! Misty *aka kittieflygirl* Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Several of us went to Dragon*Con in Atlanta this last weekend, so may not have been available... when we otherwise would have been able to do so. Hope your weekend was fun.
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    Yea! One good pilot deserves another... We've trooped together so many times, I've always considered like part of the family.
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    And so it begins... Started rough cuts today. Shoulder bells, biceps, thighs. And my boots arrived last week.
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    @xtra Good to know that my thought process was on track regarding that. On a sad note I'm going to have to put off starting on my build till next weekend. On the bright side of things my boots arrived today. Got a smoking bargain on GH Bass Amsterdams used but look like they have only been worn/walked in a few times at most and for $24 I couldn't pass them up.
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    Thank you!! Oh I’m totally prepared for that price tag and I’m lucky enough to have the finances available to do it. Good to meet you sir! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello my name is scott Denney. My wife misty and I just transferred from the Indiana Bloodfin garrison. We r in the process of moving back to east Tennessee and wanted to get the jump on our legion changes. I am a tk and very active droid builder so if someone could help point me in the direction of the droid builders around the Knoxville area. My wife is a Tie Pilot and is also active in droid building. She is the builder of the only MSE droid accepted to the R2KT Ambassadroid program. We are looking forward to trooping with midsouth.
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    Congratulations on your recent transfer, hope to get to shake you guys hand and Troop together soon!!!!!
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    Ok! I have not received my armor yet but I will keep a look out. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm in Mt Juliet, I'll be having an armor party soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A TK im actually buying armor from a friend in the 501st legion out in Vegas!
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    "Wonderful. [You] are now part of the tribe."
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    Hello folks! BH/TB-11893 here. I met some of you folks in Knoxville at Fanboy last year and plan on visiting again this year. I had my ESB Fett with me last time but planning on something more casual with my biker scout. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Event Name: Memphis Comic Expo Venue: Agricenter International Venue address: 7777 Walnut Grove Rd Memphis, Tennessee 38120 USA Event Start: 10/19/2019 - 10am Event End: 10/20/2019 - 6pm Event Website: memphiscomicexpo.com Expected number of attendees: 3500+ Requested number of characters: Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: No Comments: I am working on a secure changing area and will report back! Memphis Comic Expo is in its 6th year of bringing the best in comic artists, writers and creators to the mid-south. We have expanded each year and now also include a cosplay contest, panels/workshops, gaming and more! The 501st Mid South Garrison has been kind enough to set up a table in previous years and we would love to have them back again this year. They are always a crowd-pleaser! If members of nearby Garrisons are interested in attending, we would love to have them as well. Referred by: I am involved with the MMCC and know members of the 501st Mid South Garrison.
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    Hi everyone, my name is Gunner Goodlad...I was just approved as a fleet trooper in Rebel Legion (Corellian Base/Nashville) a few weeks ago but I wanted to introduce myself here in case we cross paths. I've happened to meet several of you on troops with Laryssa (Jyn Erso) and you've been friendly and welcoming. Hope to get a 501st costume together at some point to be a member of both clubs but no ideas yet. Anyway, just saying hey!
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    You can never go wrong with a TIE pilot at an event... or several. Welcome to the group and hope to see you out trooping.
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    Welcome - I got you set up in the correct access groups!
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    Hey Robbie, sent you some emails with my suit for approval. Let me know if you can't find them in your inbox/trash or wherever. Thanks man!
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    Do to financial problems are moving up there has been pushed back one more year, sucks, but next year I look forward to meeting everyone