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      HEY!   02/22/2018

      Sorry about the forum outage yesterday - we had a security update that broke everything, had to get it fixed by IPB support team. In the meantime though, I have turned on the relaunch of our website at midsouthgarrison.com - it's cleaner, faster, more organized, and has a LOT of potential. 


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  1. Hopeful Soon to Be Member

    Well hopefully I can pull this off by next Summer.. so that I can have it for next years Boo Tacular... -shifty eyes- I'll just need help Locating the belt, the Buckle and the boots
  2. Hopeful Soon to Be Member

    I keep forgetting Vesper has Pictures!
  3. Hopeful Soon to Be Member

    you would have had to been there, needless to say the Audiance was in the floor laughing, and it was hard for me as host to not Fall out laughing
  4. My name is Mark Compton, from Chattanooga, TN. I've been affiliated with members of the 501st for a few years now, starting with Vesper, and then others such as Duke, Eelem, Jester, Loki, and a few others. The 501'st helps me with Chattooine's first Annual Star Wars v Star Trek Debate by members of the 501st debating members of the Klingon Assault Group! Where it was pointed out that Klingons wear chick boots I'm requesting access for costuming tips and hints. I have a goal in mind, and a costume I want to do, which after looking at the MSG roster is a costume you do not have fielded, therefore I feel that hopefully I can bring something to the table! Here's to hoping I can aquire a TK number inside of the next 6 months! Mark!