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  1. Vader wannabe

    I've had a Vader since 2002 i would say to come out and help with some events before starting any costume. See what it's all about. As far as accuracy ,that's a long discussion. The rubies that came out awhile back has to be pretty much replaced at every turn. You can buy a nice used vehicle for what a Vader can cost. So just start the research and see where it leads.
  2. Transmitting from Music City

    Hey Charlie ! did you get your forum access worked out ?
  3. Visiting Nashville

    There is a small event about 5 minutes north of nashville Friday night. Ride over Ed can get you details
  4. Hello to my long lost kin folk

    welcome to the madness, build it all, but build what YOU want. dont build something to join. focus your efforts and money on the suit YOU want to wear.anything else will end up in a plastic tote.
  5. Hello from Gallatin, TN

    Glad to see you found it. Get that suit done and come out to play
  6. Transferred Tk

    sup !
  7. Deaf Member!

    guess what ! I cant hear in these helmets either we use a lot of signing cause you just cant talk and hear much. so you should be just fine.
  8. New Oldie From Winchester

    welcome, theres a few of us Preds around here too
  9. Cincinnati Reds Game Info

    id love to hit a big game but that weekend is a tad bit busy
  10. we can only have one token TX.......... just kidding, those actually look cooler when you have 2 or more.
  11. Salutations To All In The Msg

    be sure to schedule yourself to attend Wonderfest. a bunch of us will be there as well. last weekend in May.
  12. Salutations To All In The Msg

    clones ! clones!! I think there are as many clone suits around here as there are TKs. word of advice- get help. clones are much more of a "project" than they might seem.
  13. Hello Forum Friends

    theres an event Saturday night close to you its at lipscomb.
  14. Hello Forum Friends

    welcome and stay away from that Doug guy..he's trouble
  15. Weird Bar At The Top Of The Page.

    its for the black helicopters........to find you kidding, its on mine too.
  16. Introduction Is In Order!

    welcome aboard. just to throw a different spin on things. i would not recommend making a costume "TO" join the 501st. make what costume YOU want to wear. even if it takes longer or costs more. youll be happier in the end. and yes, go to events.we always have need for more eyes on us and people to help pick up stuff when we drop it and cant bend over to get it Plus its great to see how these suits go together, and how they fit and what goes into wearing them.
  17. So I awoke to messages that I was marked Inactive last night. Just curious why that would be, and would like an explanation please.Weird Al..Jackson generals..Books A mIllion.....just to name a few recent events. also, who else is being marked inactive? I just looked at a few people that i KNOW have not trooped, yet are still marked ACTIVE Mark Arancibia MAAFP moved away years ago, i text with him not long ago. hasnt trooped with the MSG in years Ed Vader is still marked ACTIVE, yet sold his vader costume to Bob Huff years ago. DUNE, asked in the dave hearing to please be marked inactive yet is marked ACTIVE and i know Zachmire hasnt trooped since ryans funeral, if you want to actually be tacky enough to consider that an event.yet is still marked ACTIVE. I know theres a bunch more that havent trooped in a long time and when the roster was asked to be looked at, nothing happened. so an explanation please. oh, and the census is NOT mandatory so thats not it.
  18. been gone all day, i see why i cant participate in the census, i cant see that section of the forum.once i gain access ill fill out the census and make sure were straight on that. those names i saw were on this forum, i just skimmed through the members section and saw people I know are gone.maybe thats a whole other issue-maybe theres multiple places and at least that would make sense.
  19. i cant even find a census thread somebody point me in the right direction
  20. the census is not required for active status. and i know for a fact that others that didnt fill it out did not get marked inactive. i looked at the legion forum the other day and didnt even see it.Im back in school,havent participated much lately. dont get on here hardly at all so didnt even know it was going on. ended up at the ER with my daughter yesterday so this was down my list of stuff i was worried about.