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  1. Salutations from a Memphis Costumer

    Welcome to the Star Wars/Midsouth Garrison/501st family. There are plenty of people in this region with a great passion of Star Wars. There are sections on the forums where you can buy items for costumes or just get information on how to. Most of the garrisons have "armor parties" where everyone gets together to do costuming, how to, talk about up coming events, eat, get to know each other, etc..
  2. Greetings From Louisville!

    Welcome, carbon base life form
  3. Hello

    Welcome human that goes by Hunter. One of our members "Ed" that lives rather close to your proximity has been partaking in Armor parties almost every Sunday. Great place to learn how to put together costumes and meet life forms.
  4. Salutations To All In The Msg

    What's Up Chuck. We always have room for more clones, plus they're great for lightsaber practice
  5. Welcome back Kotter, I mean Kevin. Good amount of anime and fantasy in the area. Working on getting my Slave Leia approved now
  6. Hello From Ohio!

    We welcome cloners
  7. Greetings

  8. New Forum Member

    Welcome, hopefully you will be able to meet me at an event. I'm extremely awesome and fantastic (understatement of the year)
  9. Hey All!

    Welcome and this is a awesome group. I'm not just saying that because I'm so awesome, fantastic, great, super, wonderful, excellent, sensational, marvelous, just to name a few
  10. I'm wanting to do a merc too. Not through sweat, skill and labor. This will be done the merc way: aluminum bat, defenseless merc and dark alley. Followed by my rendition of "Lord of the Dance."
  11. Hi

    Welcome. I too use to live in San Diego (Escondido and El Cajon) and retired from the US Army. This is a awesome group to troop with (Not just because I'm a member and I'm awesome, great, funny, groovy, and everyone wants to be like me). Hope to see you at some of our events. This time of season there is an event almost every weekend. Hooaaah!!
  12. Reintroducing Myself

    Welcome back Kotter, I mean Darryl
  13. Whats Up!?

    Welcome and this is an awesome group to get help, pointers, how to, where to, how much etc.. Now to start the journey
  14. Welcome and glad to have you
  15. Hello from Chattanooga!

    Welcome to the group. We have plenty of people in our group willing to help. We even have armor parties, where we help each other put their armor together, hang out, BBQ, talk about why George sold Lucasfilm, why no more Clone Wars. Once you decide to go Vader (Lord David Hester) has a wicked one.
  16. 2013 Command Staff

    Most impressive group of scum and villainy, congrats to all
  17. Wish I could have made it, sounds like fun was to be had. Unfortunately I had to work. I need a job that pays over 100k for playing video games, costuming, traveling, sleeping and eating
  18. Greetings from Nashville..

    Welcome to the Midsouth Garrison. There are a lot of troops and cons coming up in the next few months, hopefully you can come out and meet some of the gang
  19. Hi guys I'm Zac

    Welcome aboard mate
  20. Hello from the Death Star

    Welcome aboard sweetheart
  21. Greetings from new member!

    Welcome aboard mate. Thou too shalt miss thine hockey night. I work 3rd shift at the hospital killing, I mean saving people
  22. That place looks nice and welcome to the MSG
  23. It's good to be here!

    You no longer have to be Rebel scum, Awesome and welcome
  24. TX-80085 reporting

    Yes, welcome to the jungle