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  1. Introduction post.

    Welcome and snow troopers are awesome for the Blizzard Force is the coolest detachment in the 501st.
  2. Hello all,

    Welcome to the Midsouth Garrison.
  3. Why hello!

    Welcome back.
  4. Droid Wrangler

  5. Oh okay my mistake. Thanks Robbie.
  6. sorry just saw your message l. Please be cautious while wearing your costume at these types of events for we are not supposed to be drinking or smoking while in costume. This is in the charter.
  7. IS 2PM to 4PM on Friday and Saturday okay?

  8. Fan Boy Expo: Knoxville, TN

    Members of the Midsouth Garrison will be on hand at this convention. In addition, we will have many of your favorite characters of the Star Wars films to participate in Blast-A-Trooper.
  9. Hello from Huntsville, AL

    Welcome buddy to the Midsouth Garrison.
  10. Greetings from ATL!

    Stephanie it' great to see you and looking forward seeing u.
  11. Welcome to the Midsouth Garrison brother.
  12. Hello

    I saw the post about the Fanboy Expo but don't have permission to view it. I am planning on attending on Saturday to make contact with MSG. Is there anything I should know?

    1. Coldjedi


      No sir just enjoy the convention. 

  13. Hi from Knoxville, TN

    Welcome to the Midsouth Garrison, and we have a number of great people within the Knoxville area who will be glad to help you on your path down to membership.
  14. Greetings from Chattanooga, TN!

    Welcome to the Midsouth Garrison. I look forward to see you at some squad events in the Mos Nooga Squad territory.