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    I am a nerd in training. Still new to all this. I'm a photo nerd and Irish dance teacher so I am definitely a unique gal.

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    Really new to all of this my husband was involved with the Rebel Legion in the Alabama Garrison a few years back. Really excited to learn costuming and make new friends. Really wanting my first costume be a Mara Jade black jumpsuit.
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  1. Hey All!

    Thanks everybody! You guys rock! Hopefully the hubs will get his butt on the forums soon! Thanks for everything LCJedi you are fantastic!
  2. Hey All!

    Thank you guys! I will check that out tonight! I really am excited to meet you guys. My husband had previously began an X-wing pilot and his jumpsuit has gotten a wee bit too small. Can anyone point us in the direction of a new jumpsuit? They previously ordered them in bulk and having issues getting just one. Figured while I was on a roll
  3. Hello!

    Hey! I'm new too! Just thought I would say hey! Hope to meet you through all this cool stuff! -Caroline
  4. Hey All!

    Hey everyone! My name is Caroline Winstel-McLeod. My husband and I are wanting to get involved with the Midsouth Garrison. We are from Knoxville. He previously was involved with the Alabama garrison. After such a great time with those folks we figured it was long overdue to get involved. I am really excited To get involved this is my first foray into anything like this! Really wanting to build/make a Mara Jade black jumpsuit with the tan cowl and gloves. Anyone with experience with the Mara Jade is totally welcomed.