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    Chatsworth, Georgia
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    I work and take care of my daughter & family. I play Xboxone. I very proud to be trooping with the Midsouth Garrison / Mos Nooga Squad. We have lots of fun!

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    Im part of the Special Ops proudly serving the Midsouth Garrison
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  1. I enjoyed the entire weekend !! It was all great!! Looking fwd to many more .
  2. thank you Lord Vader !!! I'll serve you well!!
  3. Thank you everyone!!!! I'm so happy and I'll serve The Empire well
  4. finally got to attend my first annual armor party!!! it was great!! i met some great people and had a blast.. cant wait to troop!!

  5. Hi. My name is Jason! I live in north Georgia and looking forward to trooping soon with my local Mos Nooga Squad in the Midsouth Garrison . Been making lots of new friends already and so thankful for this new family of troopers.