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    From JC forums, and I live in Nashville area. MSG now... RL in distant future, but not plans immediately. Cell Phone contact is 615-969-9115. Please leave a message (or text me with your MSG or real name) so I know you are not a telemarketer. I got lots of telemarketer calls, so they are ignored in the order they are received. :) But if you leave a voice message or text, I'll call or text you back as soon as possible, such as meeting for a MSG event.
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  1. until
    Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention https://iccollectorsconvention.com/ Sheraton Music City Hotel 777 McGavock Pk Nashville, TN 37214 Hotel website if you need a room: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/bnasi-sheraton-music-city-nashville-airport/ NOTE: Updates may follow with more details later from ICCC, and possibly from Metro Nashville COVID-19 Response updates, but we have been invited to the ICCC for 2021. We have done this event before, so you may remember it well when it was one of the events held at the Williamson Co. Ag Center in Franklin. It may be a little different with Social Distancing and mask requirements, but this is an opportunity to troop, bring some cheer to brighten up the weekend, and enjoy a convention at the same time. Setup and breakdown times will follow later. How photo ops will work will be provided later. Passes: The MSG has been given a limited number of free passes, which will be given to those that will commit to trooping a shift on any one of the day "shifts", where each trooper is in approved costume(s) for most of that time and near the table (or in a group if we are allowed to roam around in costume). MSG has been given a table, so anyone who wants to bring props to display can do so. The 20 vendor passes may be able to be extended if we can coordinate passing them from one costumed character to the other as the shifts change...so please respond with your preferred day, and what shift or shifts you would like to troop. Obviously, if there are enough passes for everyone, everyone will get one... but since there may not be, table duty and other factors like signup order, will be used to help decide who gets the free passes. Like we have with some other events, we are going to give priority to newer members with approved costumes if we need to break ties for the free passes...if needed. At this time, we are going to exclude handlers from this unless there are extras. If so, handlers will also get them...so please indicate number of handlers if you have them when you post to sign up. If you would like to avoid table duty, and be on your own schedule for the convention, please feel free to use the ICCC link above to purchase your own tickets. Free passes will go to those that will be promoting the MSG and acting as representatives of the 501st legion. As long as we have a sizable group of costumed characters, a few can work the table in the MSG racing shirts too... just make sure there are some actual characters please. And feel free to swap out during a shift or from shift to shift as breaks are needed from hot costumes. If there is enough interest in doing so, we can also run a donation/collection for a worthy cause. People are more likely to donate if costumed characters are available to draw them to the table. Roster: Please post if you can attend and which day(s) shift(s) you think you can do... and if possible, what character: Friday, April 16th 3PM-8PM Saturday, April 17th 10AM - 3PM 3PM - 8PM Sunday, April 18th 11PM - 2PM 2PM - 6PM Hopefully, we can all have a good time trooping this event, and everyone will get to participate that wants to.
  2. Returned to the Area

    Welcome back, Amber. Hopefully, by the time you get your boots and costume approved, we may have more trooping opportunities. COVID-19 has kept things on the slow side for trooping. Staff Officer is one of my favorites, and probably the one I use most often. BTW: you might also like the Imperial Navy Trooper (Dress Uniform) as well... almost the same components with a different hat/helmet. Four versions to choose from depending on what specific components you have. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:IN_imperial_navy_officer
  3. New from Clarksville

    TIE Reserve is also a good backup costume to have anyway. If part of your helmet or armor comes unglued during a troop or before the event... and you cannot repair it immediately, you can usually fall back on the Reserve until you have time to fix the broken or loose pieces. There are very few events where that won't work or where you cannot troop as TIE Reserve instead of pilot. In most cases, you can use either one you'd like. The belt, boots, and the black hat are common in several crewman/officer uniforms. The optional belt boxes, code cylinders, and blaster/holster can be used to "level up" your costume from a basic crewman to a more impressive one with "bling". Many of those items can be used with all of these items (or a sizeable combination of them). In your case, since you know you want to (eventually) get to the TIE Pilot, you only need to get the ones that will work for both. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything that you could get for a standard original trilogy TIE Reserve that you can't also use on the TIE Pilot...except the black hat swapped for the helmet. I had problems finding the boots as well...since that style of boots without zippers tends to have small calves... or mine are too big. I ordered mine a few sizes bigger to allow for that, and then use thick socks to fill the gap.
  4. New from Clarksville

    Welcome Dylan. Before COVID-19, Clarksville had a fairly large number events, so once trooping is back to normal, there will be plenty of events in your neighborhood. We've had a handful of troopers in Clarksville area as well, so there are others. Naturally, you'd be able to drive to Nashville area to troop as well, and perhaps before if you want to be a handler/helper at events that do happen prior to getting your costume approved, or troop anywhere else in TN. Once you get your costume approved, you could also look for events in Kentucky as well (Blue Grass Garrison) if that is convenient for you. Either way, this is definitely the best time to get your costume ready. Much like stormtroopers and biker scouts, you really can't have too many TIE pilots at events. They are iconic, and usually, one of the few costumes even the most basic and casual Star Wars fan can identify ---when they don't call you "Darth Vader" if we don't have a Vader, that is. BTW: You might consider starting with the TIE Reserve. It is a good, relatively easy costume to assemble and get approved if you refer to the CRL (Costume Reference Library) on the main 501st website. It is a good stepping stone towards a TIE pilot. Then, start working on the armor, chest box, hoses, and helmet. Once they are ready, submit the full pilot for approval. If it gets approved, you'll have two costumes and can alternate as you see fit. A lot of the Imperial uniforms use the same components, so looking at the CRL entries could help you find others that you may like that are similar... and use the same parts you already have (or will want) for your main TIE pilot. The Officers Corp and the Jolly Roger Squadron for pilots must have had the same suppliers.
  5. Greetings from the Memphis Area!

    Hi Trey. Welcome to the MSG. We have a nice squad of troopers in the Memphis area, and they do a great job with events in the area. One thing that can be a positive about the COVID drop in activities overall is that it gives time to work on costumes. Hopefully, by the time we are doing events full force again, you'll have something approved. As a short guy myself, I recommend something in the officer or crewman range since it is easier to adjust for height and weight with such costumes. Not only that, it is easier to assemble the pieces you'd need. Not only that, several of them can be built on later for more involved costumes. For example, the basic black crewman flight suit can be used for some versions of the TIE pilots and Imperial Gunners, etc. Even the grey flight suit for the scanning crew can be used for a AT-ST driver. There are a bunch of different officer classes that can use the black tunic, and while the olive/grey tunic usually only varies in the rank of the officer, both tunics give you a nice alternative for varied options. You really can't have too many officers or troopers (including TIE, biker scouts, or gunners) at events. And, you can be using this costume while you make a more complex costume. Win-win The Memphis group has a good group of biker scouts, which might be another one that you could do. And, you might find a group of locals to help you with yours if you need it. While it does have a black flight suit, I think some of the details may be different (like pocket placement, etc.). However, as long as you like the costumes, any of them might be fun combination. It would be ideal if the simple one is in some way a stepping stone to the more complex one, but if you like them both, the variety is fun too. BTW: I removed the duplicate thread... the one that had no replies on it yet.
  6. until
    Event Name: Cookeville Drive Thru Harvest Carnival Venue: The Avenue Venue address: 1621 North Washington Avenue Cookeville, Tennessee 38501 USA Event Start: 10/25/2020 - 4pm Event End: 10/25/20 - 6pm Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 1000 Requested number of characters: 2000 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: We have an open facility with restrooms. We also will provide all attendees free food and beverages as well as plenty of Halloween candy. Comments: We are a church that hosts an annual Halloween harvest carnival for the community. It is always free and we feed all attendees and give away over 15,000 pieces of Candy. We have averaged 1500-2000 attendees the past 4 years. This year, due to COVID-19, we are creating a drive thru event with the same food, candy and are hoping to provide a neat interactive experience with characters. Referred by: Google Please post if you would like to troop this event: Roster below Michael R. --Tentative (probably IG, or RG depending on if there will be a lot of movement on our part).
  7. Greetings from tampa bay squad

    "Surely you can do better" Just kidding. Welcome, Chuck.
  8. New in Knoxville

    Once events are safer to do on a regular basis, I'm positive that you will find local Knoxville area troopers to touch base with... At most events, you could come out and meet them and act as a handler/helper until your shoretrooper is ready, and get to know some troopers in the process. You might even consider Chattanooga area events as welll. I know a lot of troopers may not check the forum as much right now, but once they do, I'm certain they will be able to offer some insight and advice as needed. But as as Braden said, feel free to ask questions here.
  9. You can always do a Phasma later if you want to... and have both. Sometimes, having the option for either could be good. Rogue One had some great Imperial add-ons to the costume list.
  10. until
    Event Name: Star Words Venue: The Refuge Church Venue address: 200 Maple Street Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034 USA Event Start: 8/02/2020 - 9:00am Event End: 8/02/2020 - 12:00pm Event Website: therefugechapelhill.com Expected number of attendees: 100 Requested number of characters: 8 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: We do have restrooms, water, and have a continental breakfast for everyone. Comments: This is a church event. A children's Bible Camp. They are studying the Armor of God with a Star Wars theme. Referred by: John McDearmon Notes: Received event and added it just in case anyone can do the event. Also warned them that COVID-19 concerns might prevent us from trooping events in general.
  11. until
    Event Name: Star Wars Wedding Venue: White Dove Barn Venue address: 7235 TN-64, Beechgrove, TN 37018 Beechgrove, Tennessee 37018 USA Event Start: 05/04/2021 - 10:00 am Event End: 05/04/2021 - 5:00 pm Event Website: search white dove barn Murfreesboro on google Expected number of attendees: 300+ Requested number of characters: 30+/- Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: food, drinks, restrooms, sitting area, staging area, will all be provided. Comments: Wedding planning has begun!! The wedding date is May 4th 2021. I would like to have vader and the emperor attend up by the podium as we get martied. I need as many troopers and imperial chatacters as well. I want to possibly do a costume barrow, I would like my groomsmen and best man in imperial officer uniform, but if not that's okay and we will just do normal tuxes. we are going to have the best star wars wedding possible and all of my 501st friends will be invited, once we get our event up, please ensure that any of you that wish to attend respond to the event so we can count you and prep as necessary. once the ceremony had concluded the troopers and everyone else may dress down, join us for the reception and kick back and relax as our honored guest. May the force be with us all and For the Empire!!! Referred by: I'm in the legion
  12. Hello there

    No problem, that may have been something hat never made it to the calendar. Enjoy,
  13. Hello there

    I'm certain you would be welcomed at any of our events. Obviously, at the moment, events are sort of sparse due to COVID-19 concerns, Once we can troop actively again, we would certainly welcome neighboring garrisons to troop with us if they can be in the area. I have trooped an event in Huntsville with the Alabama Garrison, so I have been on both sides of this part. I don't see that particular event in the Mos Nooga squad section of our events calendar, but depending on when the event would happen, sign-ups would be opened. I am one of the GEC's for Midsouth Garrison, and form time to time, we have had event requests for locations close to the Alabama/TN line, If you are available for any of them, we'd be happy to have you join us. You might also want to glance at the Twin Suns Squad event section as well (Memphis area). Once we are able to do events again, we have a great group of troopers there and a decent number of events (normally).
  14. Hello everyone, we made it

    Now that you have arrived, I think you just need to transfer from Arizona DSG to MidSouth Garrison and you'll be set. If you haven't already done so, you might want to let Arizona DSG know you've moved here, and I think between the Arizona and MidSouth garrisons, "your training will be complete!" Welcome and "We would be honored if you would join us." We have events in Middle TN posted in the even sections for the Music City Squad (Greater Nashville area) and general MidSouth Garrison (surrounding areas) sub-threads.... once you get access. But we also have a lot of events in the Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga areas as well, so if you can make it to those parts of TN, don't forget to look at those event sections as well.
  15. until
    Event Name: Easter Eggstravaganza for Families with children with special needs Venue: Algood Elementary School Venue address: 2525 Old Walton Rd Cookeville, Tennessee 38506 USA Event Start: 04-11-2020 - 1:00 PM Event End: 04-11-2020 - 3:00 PM Event Website: risingaboveministries.org Expected number of attendees: 300 Requested number of characters: Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: Restrooms available, snacks and drinks will be provided Comments: It is an Easter egg hunt and carnival for families raising individuals with special needs. Egg hunts, bounce houses, petting zoo will be outside. Carnival area is set up in the gym. Characters can come and go to any area they like. Referred by: Roger Werries Notes: I think we have done this event with them for several years... and I am positive the RL, Mando, and Droid Builders are all welcomed. ROSTER: Post if you can attend, and add you costume if you know what you'll bring,