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    From JC forums, and I live in Nashville area. MSG now... RL in distant future, but not plans immediately. Cell Phone contact is 615-969-9115. Please leave a message (or text me with your MSG or real name) so I know you are not a telemarketer. I got lots of telemarketer calls, so they are ignored in the order they are received. :) But if you leave a voice message or text, I'll call or text you back as soon as possible, such as meeting for a MSG event.
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  1. until
    This is a tentative event post... in that Tanya with Dreams and Wishes is finalizing the details (exact times subject to change based on the AMC Theater and the other parts lining up). We were originally aiming for Sunday (Feb 2nd), but opted out of that since that is the SuperBowl. So now the plan is for Saturday, Feb 1st. I will modify this event as the details get developed. Exact times may change, but the date is more certain. Here is the basic plan so far: Tanya will take him to lunch in the late morning or around Noon, probably in Murfreesboro as the first part of his wish. We would be part of the second part of the wish. He will get to see the ROS movie in Franklin, were we all troop it like we did the premier in December. He hasn't yet seen that one but is a big fan. We would get there and suit up before he arrives, troop for his arrival for about an hour or so before he heads into the movie. Tanya is trying to work in a showing for those of us that troop as well, so not only would you troop for a worthy cause, you might be able to see the movie another time. Later, in February or March, the other part of his wish will be to go to Disney World and Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. At the moment, we are not aware of a limit for trooping, so RL, Mandos, and Droid Builders are all welcomed. Seeing the movie may have a limit, but that is TBD. Lightsabers should be fine, but no blasters to respect the theater policies just like we did for the premier.
  2. until
    Event Name: Dreams and Wishes of TN Fundraiser Event Venue: Governor's Square Mall Venue address: 2801 Wilma Rudolph Blvd #92 Clarksville, Tennessee 37043 USA Event Start: 07/18/20 - 11:00am Event End: 07/18/20 - 2:00pm Event Website: governorssquare.net Expected number of attendees: 100 Requested number of characters: 50 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: All amenities will be provided Comments: Fundraiser Meet and Greet for Dreams and Wishes of TN Referred by: NOTES: We have done this event for several years, though normally it is on Father's Day Weekend. This year it is in July, but same idea. We are also supporting Dreams & Wishes of TN. I know RL, Mando, and Droid Builders would all be welcomed... ROSTER: {Post costume(s) and if you can make it.} Michael R. - (Tentative, but IC, IG, or RG as long as I can make it)
  3. until
    Event Name: Relay for Life - American Cancer Society Fundraiser Venue: Governor's Square Mall Venue address: 2801 Wilma Rudolph Blvd #92 Clarksville, Tennessee 37043 USA Event Start: 06/06/20 - 12:00pm Event End: 06/06/20 - 4:00pm Event Website: governorssquare.net Expected number of attendees: 100 Requested number of characters: 50 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Not specified Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: We will provide all of these for the attendees. Comments: Charity Meet/Greet Photo opportunity to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life held by team Queens for the Cure. Referred by: Past Events ROSTER: {Please post costume(s) choices if you can attend this event}. Michael R. (tentative, but IC, RG, or IG if I make it out).
  4. good morning I was wondering if you could help me with the inner and outer robe of a Senate Guard, Revenge of the Sith

    are you know someone who can thank you

  5. You're welcome. BTW: Marcus (JODOKAST), the current Squad Leader for the Nashville area (Music City Squad), has built a First Order stormtrooper... so other than the color (and perhaps Phasma's cape), he'd be a good source on exactly what/where to order the pieces and the more technical specs for making your costume build. I would imagine that Phasma should be quite similar to the rest of the standard FO troopers. I'm only aware of ANOVOS for these, but good luck with them on actually shipping the kit out to you these days... Not sure if the kit is truly everything, or if there are lots of other odds and ends to acquire as well... such as shoes, balaclava, neck seal, etc. I do not recall if there is anyone active in Knoxville area more local to you with a First Order trooper, but they have plenty of stormtrooper variants and assorted armor experts over there. Good luck
  6. I have also head a rumor that Clone Trooper armor fits women better than men... Something about the way it is cut... and that it was never actually worn by actors on screen... only in the CGI. That might be an option for you as well. We actually have (or had?) a female stormtrooper, Samantha, in our garrison if you are interested in Original Trilogy/EU "female stormtrooper" armor. Oh, and this isn't the skimpy "adult" version, but actually can get approved and looks great. Until she takes off the helmet, most people have no idea what gender the trooper is. If Samantha happens to see this post, perhaps she can tell you where she got her armor. Also, I am not aware of any rule that says a woman can't be a stormtrooper (of any era) as long as the costume meets the CRL. Any GML ought to be able to help you with that as part of the approval process. I'm sure the Knoxville Squad/crowd would be happy to meet you at a local event, where you can talk costume specs and get some feedback. You could come out as a handler/helper to some events and get to know the local troopers. You'd have plenty of time to ask questions, see how each put their suite together, and learn from them and any mistakes they made along the way. And you are already familiar with many aspects of costuming anyway, so that should help. Welcome.
  7. until
    Event Name: Terminal Hospice Patient Venue: Spring Meadows Nursing Home Venue address: 220 Highway 76 Clarksville , Tennessee 37043 USA Event Start: Any day you can come soon - Dec 14th 4PM Event End: - about 6PM or so Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 40 Requested number of characters: As many as you can Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: Restrooms water and snacks. Let us know your needs Comments: We have a 45 year old terminally ill Hospice patient who grew up on Star Wars. We were trying to get him to the Premier of the new Mostar wars movie but he is getting too weak to attend. We are trying to honor a lady wish by throwing him some kind of star wars party. Hospice employees are buying things for him out of their own pockets. If anyone could come in costume to brighten his day it would be a blessing. Referred by: Dreams and wishes
  8. hello 501st

    No problem. Glad I could help. I thought maybe the squad vs garrison details might have been a little hazy, but that makes sense too. Multi-posting can get us dizzy sometimes.
  9. hello 501st

    Hi Johann, Mostly, what Caleb said. However, this is the correct location for the MidSouth Garrison, so you are already in the correct place as a recruit here. Chattanooga has a squad within the MidSouth Garrison (MSG for short). Clarksville does not have a squad within the garrison, but is part of the MSG as a whole. The Nashville area (Davidson Co. and all the counties directly bordering it) are in the Music City Squad... (MCS if you see it abbreviated) but you would certainly be able to join the Nashville troopers for any events closer to Nashville. All of these are part of the MidSouthG Garrison. However, we also have events here and there directly in Clarksville. These should be in the general Events section of the forum in the section labeled "MidSouth Garrison Events". As they are submitted to us, I am usually the individual posting the ones for Clarksville. Check back soon, and often. I try to add them ASAP to help give time for the trooper roster to build up. There are a handful of troopers between MSG and the Rebel Legion that live in or around Clarksville, but you are welcomed to join us at most events as a helper or handler until you have your approved costume. A few events require troopers have approved costumes and/or have limits on attendance, but most are opened to helpers/handlers to join in on the fun. MCS events have there own section in the events section, as does Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville areas if you don't mind the drive to them for their more local events. If you want to, you could even look at the Kentucky Garrison if it is convenient for you. You could join their forum as well ...and once you get your costume finished, pick the one you would identify (or troop with) most as your home garrison. You can still attend events in the other, and we will often share events that are close by another garrison. Many of them joined us for recent events not too long ago in Nashville and Franklin. Their link is https://www.bluegrassgarrison.com/ Welcome to the party.
  10. I agree with John. Welcome, and we'd be glad to have you. Handling is a great way to meet us, and maybe get some pointers or advise from others who have made the same or similar costumes. Even if you join the GA garrison, you could still troop with us as well. Just use this forum to see our events and post on the threads you can attend. Make sure your GA Garrison command staff knows when you troop with us to meet the general trooping requirement since they probably won't check our board to confirm your status. Or, do as many troops as you can for both garrisons and have no issues either way. I've meet a lot of GA members at Dragon*Con, so I know they'd be happy to have you as well.
  11. Finally adding on here!

    Never too late to join... Knoxville and Chattanooga have a decent number of events, and so do the other parts of TN if you find yourself heading West.
  12. until
    Event Name: Floating Pumpkin Patch Venue: New Providence Pool Venue address: 168 Cunningham Lane Clarksville, Tennessee 37042 USA Event Start: 10-19-2019 - 2:00 pm Event End: 10-19-2019 - 5:30 pm Event Website: Clarksville Parks & Recreation Facebook Page - look up Floating Pumpkin Patch Expected number of attendees: 400 Requested number of characters: Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: This is an event where children come in to hunt for their pumpkins in the water. Outside we will have carnival games and pumpkin decorating stations set up. Referred by: Have come for this event in the past. Notes: I a few of us did this event last year. We were outside greeting them as they went from the pool to the carnival area or vice versa. They had a small but happy crowd, and no costumes were soaked by the pool. Roster: Post if you can troop this and indicate costume if possible.
  13. Columbia person here!

    UPDATE: looks like the census is in October.
  14. Columbia person here!

    Before the MSC was created, or if you are outside a squad area when you were first approved, the general MSG marker/indicator was used. We were given the option to "join" the squad when MSG was created... some did, some did not. I'm pretty sure, but not 100% certain, that as new members are added, they are automatically linked to the squad if they are within the area. Good news is that it doesn't matter if you are in the MCS or the MSG as a whole... You can still troop anywhere in the garrison. Just know that the events are placed in the squad (MCS) or the garrison as a whole (MSG) based on the location of the events themselves. However, you should still be able to see all the event sections for each squad and the MSG as a whole ... and sign up for as many as you want to troop. Let Robbie or Marcus know if you cannot see the other areas. My limited knowledge on this is as follows: The garrison as a whole gets counted just before the Census in February for the elections, but part of that is to see if one has met the trooping requirement. I think the Co, XO, PR, or maybe the GML's verify who trooped on the local garrison level. I am not clear on the Detachment levels (Jolly Rogers) how they confirm the trooping requirement (if any) for any one detachment, but it is possible that the same process takes care of both... since one's costume is linked to a detachment by default... or so I would think. Another may want to clarify or confirm this, but that is my guess. As a trooper, I have never confirmed any trooping other than posting and showing up at the events. If they think you haven't trooped, there is a list of potentially inactive or retired members that is posted... and if you are on it, you might need to provide the details of when you trooped and with what costume(s)... I think.
  15. New Forum Member

    I agree with Braden, Jim, your shock trooper looked pretty good to me, though I am not an expert on armor. I saw you as well, including your "little Vader". I was either a staff officer (black) or navy trooper if I saw you on Saturday... or a line officer (olive-grey) if I saw you on Sunday... I don't recall what day I saw you. You probably saw Chris Bower in his Mouse/Kilt trooper at ICCC... which isn't an approved costume either. Chris does has several costumes that are approved, and he switched back and forth throughout the weekend... and worked the table at ICCC as well. In that regard, you could use the pauldron for fun as long as you troop at least one event per year in an approved costume. You can definitely be a handler or helper without having any suit approval and be a "recruit"... and hang out with us at most events. Only the events with a specific number of tickets or passes have any real restrictions on this, and some of them still leave enough passes for handlers/helpers to join us. So unless the details of the event stress limited numbers of troopers or handlers, you can still join us in this regard... until you have an officially approved costume, that is. To be a full member, you do need an approved costume. However, based on the look of it, and the fact that you used our CRL in the first place for guidance, I'd say that you are well on your way to an approved costume (if not already there). Both David and Robbie definitely have armor based costumes and are quite knowledgeable in the process. Also, they may know of approval amendments that may make things like trooper pauldrons and other accessories work even if they are not stated in the CRL specifically... but again, I'm no expert on armor suits. The only things I noticed... having taken some time to compare and contrast the shock trooper armor pieces, and knowing the type of detail that approval processes look for in general, is that you may need to reverse /invert the center button box on the front/abdomen plate. I don't recall if it is a separate molded part of the suit or part of the abdomen plate molded as a single piece, but that is about it. You may need to add some red paint/detail to the forearm pieces so that the red stripe goes all the way around the forearms, too. Other things like adjusting straps should be relatively easy to modify, if needed, but that is where the GML's come in. They aren't going to just reject it and say "no", "no thanks", or "request denied". They will either approve it, or give you a list of the things you need to change to get it approved, and remember that they know how you'd feel since they went through it for each of their 501st costumes. Either of them may have some tricks you can use to fix the suit components to make them right without having to replace or toss the ones you have. Not that you'd have to toss them at all for your personal collection. If you'd rather not modify the armor pieces that you would need to change for 501st approval, you could also get another copy of only the few parts you'd need to modify (ex: just the forearms and front abdomen plate or button box) and rework those so you can switch them out. Use the ones approved for 501st events, and the others could act as backups. You could still use the unapproved part when you are doing your own thing. You could also do an officer or crewman (as a soft costume option) for your 501st approved costume, and keep the shock trooper for your own use the way it is for things like Dragon*Con, Celebration, etc. Again, I don't think you would have to change a lot, and may not need to change anything at all... so give it a try. I don't think we have any local Shock Troopers yet, so it would be great to add one... I'm positive that either Robbie or David would be happy to provide guidance so that it can get approved. Looks like you already put a lot of work into it, so sending the email to either of the GML's with the five or six images to find out is free and might be all you need. "Uncle Palpatine wants you" "Do it!" Think of it this way: Absolute worse case scenario is that you STILL have a wonderful suit of your own to use for Halloween, conventions, and other things you and your family may want to do on your own. Best case scenarios is that (perhaps with a little more work if needed), you have both a wonderful suit of your own... AND an approved 501st costume.