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    Jackson General's Star Wars Night Jackson Generals Baseball 4 Fun Place, Jackson, TN 38305 May 5th Arrival time: 4PM Doors open at: 5PM Game starts at: 6PM >>This is a LFL event<< All SW nights events with Major and Minor league teams are now considered OPEN INVITES. This means we do not have to cast and teams do not have to pay performers. Teams cannot ask for specific characters or specific amounts, but can set a maximum limit based on accommodations. Open Invites are just that- an invitation to fan groups to show up at an event in costume. Teams cannot direct fan group members to do any activities or be anywhere specific at any specific time - they may provide the groups with a list of activities to self-organize and participate in, but it is at fan group members’ own discretion. We strongly prefer that characters not throw out first pitches, participate in puck drops, sing the National Anthem or things of that nature – if they want, fan group members may escort a child or fan to the mound, etc., but must not be directed to do so. Characters should not hold, wear, sit in or stand on any branded item or logo, especially with a team emblem. The fan groups are welcome to be photographed with others wearing the team logo/brands or in front of signage featuring the team logo/brand, however. We strongly suggest that teams provide a handler/security for costumed fans during activities to ensure the safety and security of said costumed fans, to protect them from overzealous game attendees. Costumed fan groups must be referred to as members from their respective fan groups, and not as official SW/Disney/Lucasfilm characters Costume groups welcome to attend in the open invite include. >>> >>> 501st: Midsouth Garrison >>> >>> Rebel Base: Corellian Base >>> >>> Mandos: Bes’uliik Clan >>> >>> Chattoine Fan Force Club >>> >>> The Dark Empire: Blood Moon Spire
  2. Greeting from Memphis!

    Welcome! Memphis is very active and has grown a lot in the past three years. You are a welcome addition.
  3. Greetings from Diamond Garrison

    Hey and welcome Thanks for the invite! My name is Jason. I've talked with Matt Agee about comming to Spa con. I'm the GEC for west Tennessee if you want to send me the info I'll post it up right away.
  4. Hello from Memphis TN

    Hey ! Welcome! We get to together on the first and third Sunday of each month at the library in Olive Branch from 2 to 6 p.m. to work on our costumes and help each other. you are welcome to join us. We can help you get started. As Justin has said do your research. many options out there but not all armor will fit just anyone. Some are small some large .
  5. Hello Midsouth Garrison!

    Welcome! If you want to come to Memphis and be a handler at the Redbirds game and help out let me know, it's May 14th. Here's the link. Post there if you are available. http://www.midsouthgarrison.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8122-may-14-2016-star-wars-night-memphis-redbirds/
  6. Greetings from Memphis

    Your Jacks friend correct?
  7. Greetings from Memphis

  8. New from Southaven/Memphis

    Hey, what's up welcome!
  9. Just moved to Memphis!

    Welcome to Memphis! See you at the game!
  10. Hello from Memphis!

    Nice to meet you in person!
  11. Salutations from a Memphis Costumer

    Yes we have a event on the 25th in Southaven if interested.
  12. Salutations from a Memphis Costumer

    Hello & welcome! Like Justin said come join us at the Olive Branch library. The next one is scheduled for Oct 18 at 2.
  13. Greetings from Memphis

    Welcome! Yes come join us at the olive branch library. The next one is scheduled for Oct 18 at 2
  14. Hello from Memphis!

    Welcome! The Memphis and north Mississippi folks are fun bunch.like Justin said you are more than welcome to join us at the prop party. The next one is scheduled Oct 18 sun at 2 at the olive branch library.
  15. Hello everyone, my name is Jason Mullikin. I have been costuming for about 8 years and have recently joind the 501st. I met the PR officer for the Rancor Raiders a few months back and was convened to join the 501st. I have since been to severial joint ops with the Rancor Raiders Garrison. I have really enjoyed trooping with them and have to say I feel like part of the family. I have three approved costumes right out the gate. IG, TI, and a Tusken Raider. I am currently putting togeather a TK that will become a TD sergeant. Excited to attend more events this year and hope to meet some of my fellow midsouth garrison members. Troop on