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  1. Hello from Louisville!

    IC-10239 reporting for duty! Thanks for the quick turn-around, it means a lot!
  2. Hello from Louisville!

    Cool! You should have email.
  3. Hello from Louisville!

    Okay, ready for GML inspection. Email off to @CC5707. Should I email other GMLs as well? Or should contact go through the forum PMs?
  4. Hello from Louisville!

    Those boots look nice, Uncle, but couldn't find them in my size. Got some Russian Jack boots from Soviet Boots. The inside heels were really hard and all bent in, but a local shoe repair guy got them fixed for me. They fit but are a little big, so going to try some toe fillers and some ankle braces along with a good liner. As soon as I get my hat in (she was waaay behind on orders), I'll be ready for inspection. :-) Still could possibly use a tailor on the flight suit. Anyone in Louisville area have any suggestions? Anyone had one custom fitted?
  5. Hello from Louisville!

    Working on IC. I've got my flight suit and belt. My hat is on order. Suggestions on boots? I had Imperial boots ordered in a group order, but my pair was left out of the order, so I got reimbursed. I saw Soviet boots were recommended, but they don't have the L3 buckles at the top. Also, my sleeves feel a bit bulky on the flight suit. Anyone ever had a flight suit tailored? Suggestions on tailors in Louisville area?
  6. Hi! I'm Bryan Siders, I live in Louisville, and I'm working on a Reserve Pilot costume for the Jolly Roger Squadron. RynoHawk TI-11089 from the JRS pointed me over here. Once I'm done with the RP costume, I'll be adding the rest of the TIE Pilot pieces. I've always liked the black uniforms, even if they only get a couple of seconds of screen time... I'm currently in hiding since I haven't seen VII yet. Business and baby are keeping me from going to the movies, but I hope to see it in a couple of weeks, so be easy on me. ;-)