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    Hello! I am Shannon. Well, what can I say about myself. I'm a mystery. I can be really queit at first, but once I open up, I never shut up. I am a good person to everyone and can make friends pretty quick. But, I do know that some people aren't going to like me and that is okay. But, I always see the best in people and I am determined to make a friend out of someone who doesn't like me. I am a HUGE nerd. I love video games, anime, and sci-fi fantasy. I absolutely love Star Wars, but the main reason why I am joining this group is because I enjoy charity work and helping people in need. I can tell, in my heart, that this is a group that I meant to join. I feel like it is my destiny and a great oppurtunity. I'm happy to join.
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  1. Greetings from Memphis

    Thank you Cayoke. I would love to tag along to some events. I was looking on the MSG event page and I saw that they are having an event out in Collierville in April. I also saw an event for a roller derby and that sounded like fun to me. I am excited about all these events and I can't wait to come to them once my costume is finished.
  2. Greetings from Memphis

    Thank you Fallen Jedi for the help! I look forward to making this costume
  3. Greetings from Memphis

    Hey Justin! It's nice to meet you and it's nice to be apart of this group. I am going to start working on my Princess Leia costume and get it done by sometime in either April or May. I may not be done until June. But, I am excited to be apart of this and I look forward to seeing you soon.
  4. Greetings from Memphis

    Hey Proxis. Yes, I am a friend of Jack's. He introduced me to this group and he got me interested in it lol. Unfortunately, I have never met Jack, but he is a good friend.
  5. Greetings from Memphis

    Thank you everyone for the welcomes. I am really excited about joining this group. FallenJedi, thank you for the tutorial. That really helps. Do you know where I could get a good fabric for the dress?
  6. Greetings from Memphis

    Hello everyone! I'm Shannon and it's really nice to meet ya'll. A friend of mine introduced me to this group. I want to join because I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars. I also heard that this group is involved in charity groups and I love charity work. Helping people out is a huge passion of mine. The costume that I want to make is Princess Leia's Senatorial Gown because I think it is a lovely costume and because Princess Leia is my favorite character. I am really excited about all of this and I am happy to join.