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  1. Greetings from ATL!

    Hello! I'm Stephanie from Georgia Garrison (also the same Stephanie who makes your snazzy new legion badges). I'm posting here because my sister who lives in Memphis, is what we'd call a "cadet" for your Garrison. I'm going to have her sign up for your forums this evening. I am almost done building her Jawa and will be sending it to her soon so that she can follow the steps to join. She's devoured EVERYTHING I've sent her and can't wait to troop. She will also be meeting me in Gatlinburg in December for that parade the night before we head back here for our Garrison's big televised parade the next morning. I want to make sure she is familiar with your forums, how to use them, etc. and find out if you all require WIP threads like some Garrisons do (we do not). Since I am not a member of your Garrison, I'm not sure who to point her to and can't currently see your members section. Can that be updated as I am a visiting member? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to joining your members with my sister at the upcoming event. (I have signed us both up in the invitation thread in my own Garrison, and also want to make sure that is done correctly here). Have a great evening!