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  1. Welcome. I have a walts trooper factory kit and I love it
  2. Meeting up

    Bunch of us will be at the Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention in Franklin this weekend.
  3. HOWDY

    That does look like a WTF kit. Though though ebay theres no guarantee thats what it will arrive looking like
  4. Why hello!

    Nice to see you over here as well!
  5. 1st Armor

    Its entirely up to you what kind of trooper you want to do! Sandy, regular, etc will effect what detachment you fall under.
  6. 1st Armor

    I am not. my TK is a regular one, not a Sandy. I know those of us that have a Sand trooper would probably be on there.
  7. 1st Armor

    I would absolutely recommend Walts kits. Only complaint I have is the chest piece is a little small, so if you are a bigger trooper, may not look right on you. Ah! if you are in M'boro, Let me know if I can help you!
  8. 1st Armor

    I used WTF because I wouldnt have to wait a year to get my stormtrooper armor
  9. Hello from Franklin, TN!

    Yep! I'm the only Fixer in the garrison
  10. Hello from Franklin, TN!

    Glad to see you made it onto the boards!
  11. Greetings from West Tennessee

    Nice to see another Mando made it over here. 501 Memphis is a great group. Dont blame you for wanting to do a costume, I'll admit it, Mercs are non existent in West TN.
  12. New to Nashville

    Welcome! Lots of us in the nashville area
  13. Maryville - Merc

    hiiiiii justin <3 That RC in your avatar looks like a swell dude
  14. Intro from Nashville!

    Glad you signed up Drew!
  15. Approved and requesting full access!

    Congrats! Nice to have another in M'boro
  16. Vader wannabe

    http://www.501stsithlords.com/ This is the site where you will find all the info on Vaders. I wouldn't trust any link that didn't come from that site as "501st approved" Welcome to the MSG
  17. Greetings From Murfreesboro TN

    Welcome, I myself am in Murfreesboro, So if you need a second pair of hands or a workbench, Give me a holler!
  18. Introduction

    I can help with RCs. Shoot me any questions you have. And just sayin.... If you did Sev, we'd have all 4 Delta's in MSG
  19. Greetings from Murfreesboro Tennessee

    Welcome also From Murfreesboro!
  20. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Requesting access! RC-14615!
  21. New RC

    Newly approved RC-14615 requesting member access!