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  1. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Tk-13940 requesting access Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey all, Recently approved TK-13940 requesting access to the forum and event calendar Alex Darling Midsouth garrison member Memphis,Tn 501st webpage Requesting access as a full member so I can access all the event calendar and member threads.
  3. Hello, Thanks for having me. My name is Alex D. I have no 501st, Rebel Legion, or other costuming group affliation(s).... yet. I am currently in Memphis, TN I learned about you in my quest to find stormtrooper armor and how to get started in the garrison. I am requesting access because I would love to become involved and share the experience with others, both in fundraising events, and awareness at local cons. I would really like some input on size vs the type of trooper. I'm 5'10" and 235. Line backer shoulders with a gut. Lol. I've read that with modification, TK armor would fit, but I'm pretty green when it comes to builds. I work well off instructions, but getting parts and saying "ok, go" usualy turns into a failure. So... help me Midsouth garrison, you're probably my only hope. Now, on to look at more posts about armor. **Edit after searching - Ok, I've decided on TK armor, but where do I find kits for sale? No ebay. I've looked at Anovo, whitearmor.net and other forums, but most are either old posts or vague shady posts. Where do you guys get your armor? Or more specifically, from who?