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  1. Howdy from Knoxville, TN

    Knoxville / Maryville here too. Glad to hear there's a lot of new interest living out this way!
  2. Maryville - Merc

    He's aight...
  3. Hello All Name is Justin. MMCC member from Maryville, TN. Married and soon to be father for a second time in about 4 weeks. Met a couple 501st members at an armor party before celebration, earlier this year. Just recently purchased a ANH tie pilot kit, and getting ready to start the build. Been watching the WTF build videos on YouTube and it seems pretty straight forward, but I did have a few random questions - wampa wear? Or cheaper options , for the soft parts ? I've seen both and Wampa looks superior - is a weapon really not necessary for the Tie pilot? CRL says it optional? - any specific struggles with this build in particular? Looking forward to meeting / trooping soon!