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  1. Welcome! I've never built a TK, but several here have :D @Mike j cosplay @repentance3232 are two of the latest around Nashville.


    Make sure you do your research before ordering armor and make sure they're approved and deliver quality stuff. There's a few knockoffs out there. I think WhiteArmour.net has a great deal of info? Also, there's different vendors that are preferred for look and/or body type, but I can't speak to any of those specifics!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!! Happy to be here!


    On 3/28/2018 at 12:27 PM, Lord_Kosh said:

    Might I suggest the GroundCrew costume as the natural supplement to your Jyn Erso?  Even though she was still rebel scum... when in full costume, you could get approved as 501st --if you want to.  And, you can still be Jyn Erso. :sith:


    Yes!!! I am slowly putting that together...there are a lot of pieces parts, haha. I still need to order the armor, and I plan to do that from 850 Armor Works as soon as it's available!


    8 hours ago, AspiringKrennic85 said:

    Sorry I forced your pops into servitude with the Empire all the while helping to create a space station generating enough power to produce mass genocide. lol. 




    I haven't heard of this space station you created... was it anything like Tarkin's? ;) 


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  3. On 3/25/2018 at 1:48 PM, Logan CTS3308 said:

    Jyn looks AWESOME! Great work! Check out events under Music City Squad, that’s where we Nashville troopers are! Hope to troop with you soon!

    Thank you Logan!! :D


    I can't see the events on the forums, but I can view the calendar! Do I need to do an access request?


  4. Hey guys! I'm Laryssa, and I recently got my RL stripes in the Corellian Base end of January. Not in the 501st obviously, but Jyn may have a forged scan doc lying around that may say otherwise... ;) 


    I've known of the 501st/RL for years and have always wanted to join, but couldn't decide on a character until Rogue One. I've gotten to meet a handful of you all at a few events the past month or so -- it has been awesome, and everyone's been so welcoming! I'm looking forward to getting out there and doing more :)  



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