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  1. Moving to Tennessee

    Do to financial problems are moving up there has been pushed back one more year, sucks, but next year I look forward to meeting everyone
  2. Moving to Tennessee

    Hello everyone, my name is Jay Piazza, my wife and I are both 501st members and moving here at the end of March. I have a question, we're going to be living in or around Spring Hill, and was wondering if this is the Garrison we would be apart of? My wife Tawni Piazza 74093 is a Reserve pilot, she is also working her Navy Trooper flight suit version, I am a Tie pilot, MEPD Sandtrooper, Centurion Stormtrooper, Gunner, and also a officer. I recently got a new nickname (yay pizza) Feel free to ask any questions, I look forward to trooping with you guys
  3. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Jay Piazza TK-69937 requesting 501st access please