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    I moved down here from Maryland. I was member of the old line garrison, but have no armor. Still working on it (doing some today!). I’ve got a scout build I’m working on and not sure what I’m doing, so any help is appreciated. I work as a nurse in Parkwest hospital.
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  1. TB 33357, requesting full access, sir! lol. I wonder how long until that gets old? 


    I'm just outside Knoxville, for now. Thanks Rob!

  2. Submitting photos

    Also, I'm filling out the form on the 501st website and the only 'Scout Trooper' option is from Rebels. Is there a difference? I hadn't heard the standard was changed, but I'm not really in the loop. Should I just select that designation from the list for which armor I own? It's the only Scout Trooper option available, anyway.
  3. Submitting photos

    Nice! Thanks, man. Just wanted to make sure they got to you. Peace!
  4. Submitting photos

    Hey Robbie, sent you some emails with my suit for approval. Let me know if you can't find them in your inbox/trash or wherever. Thanks man!
  5. Hey Hi-dy Ho! My name is Jordan Petit, I moved down here from Maryland a couple months ago. While the page was being updated I have been working on a scout uniform. I'm about halfway done with the hard parts. I need soft parts and boots - so maybe a quarter of the way to submission. I work as a nurse. I'm located in Knoxville, TN. I am excited about getting the costume done and being a bad guy doing good. I was an initiate of the Old Line Garrison up north. I found you guys on the 501st group page. Thanks for having me, and I look forward to working with you guys and mentoring others. JP