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    I'm an approved Doctor Aphra for the Bluegrass Garrison, my announcement pic just hasn't been posted yet.
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Outside the costume, I'm a child therapist working at a private foster care agency. I specialize in doing play therapy with abused and neglected kiddos in states custody. I'm working on my PH.D in counseling so I can start teaching others how to be good therapists. My little family likes star wars, but not the way I love it, it keeps me sane with the line of work I do. I have loved star wars all my life, but I guess I didn't become a hard core fan till Force Awakens. it just really struck a cord with me and I leveled up from casual fan immediately. 

Living so far away from events and with workload, family and such, I won't be able to attend all the things, but my plan is to be present and accounted for at least 1-2 troops a month, possibly more if they are ones where my husband and kids can go do their own thing while I work a shift, then we meet up after for family fun times.