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  1. Introduction, Knox Eisley

    Nice!! See ya there!
  2. Howdy from Nashville!

  3. Just Approved!

    Hello, my name is Braden Kane. I live in Old Hickory, TN. I was just approved for my first costume(TIE Pilot, ANH) over the weekend and am super excited to be a part of the group. I have been a lifelong Star Wars fan and have always been somewhat interested in joining the 501st, or a similar group. What really kicked the interest level up was attending two events and seeing trooping in action. The first was a "Way Late Play Date" at the Adventure Science Center here in Nashville. The theme was 'Star Wars vs Star Trek". The second event was the Nashville Symphony presenting "Star Wars: A New Hope". And, frankly, I turned 45 this year and decided to reward myself with doing this. So, yeah, pumped to be included and looking forward to serving.