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  1. Hello, from a new transfer

    Welcome! Michigan is part of my travel territory(when travel was permitted anyway...) and I would usually stay over in the Troy area but always made my way over to the bars/restaurants in Royal Oak. Welcome to the MSG, we're glad to have ya!
  2. New in Knoxville

    Hello and Welcome! Good luck with your Shoretrooper build. It's an awesome kit! Excited to see your progress. You'll find lots of helpful folks here, so continue to reach out with any questions you might have.
  3. Hello everyone, we made it

    Welcome! Glad to see you made it!
  4. Hello from a Rebel Friend!

    Perfect! Great seeing you last night!
  5. Hello from a Rebel Friend!

    We've trooped together several times now, good to see you stopping by! Just double checking since I did not see anyone address it...Are you now able to see the Event topics?
  6. Hello from Nashville!

    Welcome to the forums! If you guys need any help, there are plenty of folks in there area happy to lend assistance. Keep an eye out for upcoming build parties. Great place to meet folks and get help with builds. P.S. - Phasma would be so awesome...
  7. Hello and Stuff from La Vergne!

    Welcome! I'm over in Old Hickory. Not too far away. Not a TK expert, but happy to help in any way. Welcome to the forums!
  8. Nashville Newbie

    Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your kit when it's done and seeing a new trooper out there.
  9. Excellent choice! We can always use more ground pounders... Looking forward to seeing the progress and seeing you out there, trooper!
  10. Finally adding on here!

  11. New Forum Member

    Hey, it costs exactly zero dollars to try and is a very easy process. Any one of us are happy to help you with it. The worst that can happen is you get a response with some pointers on how to get "up to snuff". I am not a CRL expert(I know the TIE requirements quite well, and that's about it) but you looked great on Saturday when I saw you. Its an awesome group of people, and becoming a member was one of the best things I have done. Give it a shot!
  12. New Forum Member

    Hey man! Saw you at ICCC on Saturday(I was in TIE outfit). I'm not in a leadership role, so they can speak more clearly to it, but I believe the answer you are looking for is, yes, you would have to be a member to attend events with the group.
  13. New Member

    Awesome!! Nice work! Be sure to check out the events threads and get signed up. Some good ones coming up like ICCC and Boo at the Zoo. John, I believe he is a Stormy like yourself...We can always use more TKs!
  14. Hello from Knoxville (again)

    Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  15. Newly Transferred