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  1. Looking to serve the 501st

    Thanks RynoHawk! Budget won’t be a super huge factor (because I’m planning to try to do it over several months to lessen the impact). I’ve always enjoyed the Sith, but getting to goof off as a storm trooper sounds like really fun. I have zero crafting/building experience, Other than welding, so I feel like it’s a massive undertaking. I’m planning to dig into this more next week. Thanks for the help and motivation!
  2. Looking to serve the 501st

    Thank you Phil! I will definitely check out the the information. I’ll be in touch soon with some progress! -James
  3. Looking to serve the 501st

    Hello my name is James Leach! I am completely new to the costuming scene and am very interested in joining the 501st. I just moved to Nashville (Madison) a few moths ago and work as a lighting programmer, operator, and technician for Pulse Lighting. I first heard about the 501st while doing barbershop quartet at a St Judes back home a few years ago. I haven’t decided what to build, yet. I’d love to get to be Darth Vader or Kylo someday, but I’m sure you already have it covered. I think being a TK Stormtrooper would be a lot of fun as well. I just want to be apart of this organization and help make a difference. Also, my pictures would only import upside down, so that’s why my profile is upside down. I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon! Happy holidays! -James