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    I’m also a video gamer as well as guitar/piano player.

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    I would very much like to share my passion for Star Wars with people who share that same passion while bringing joy and excitement to others in much the same way the films brought joy to me when a way a kid. It’s a passion that has stayed with me for the better part of 40 plus years. I want to experience the “wonder and awe” especially from children. I want to give them that same feeling I had in 1977 when Star Wars changed my life forever.
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  1. Newbie in Knoxville

    That is great advice to go with a grey-ish color instead. I’m just wanting to attain an esthetically realistic look like the armor is battle worn, but not TOO worn, like you you stated. I slso have have a question regarding the HWT backpack. Is the antenna allowed, or no? I’ve read on whitearmor.com where some people say it’s ok, some say it’s not or depends on the local garrison. Just want to know if you think the antenna on the backpack is acceptable? Thanks :-)
  2. Newbie in Knoxville

    Hey everyone! My name is Russ Connelly and (obviously) I’m really wanting to join the Midsouth Garrison. I own several Rubies costumes but REALLY wanted to step it up a few notches by getting my first set of Anovos TK armor which I’ll be getting THIS WEEK and then acquire the orange pauldron and pouches and convert it to a Heavy Weapons Trooper costume. I know traditional TK armor is usually shiny and pristine, but I was wondering if HWT armor can be a little “dirty” and still be considered screen accurate? I just love weathered look of sandtrooper armor and was wondering if it’s acceptable to apply that same (lightly) weathered look to a HWT costume? The more I researched about the 501st and all the charitable causes they participate in I knew it was something I really wanted to become a part of. I want to help bring smiles, joy, awe, and wonderment to kids and give them that same everlasting feeling that I had in 1977 that left a 40+ year impact on me. Russ