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    I am very much interested and wanting to join the 501st. I have been a very big star wars fan. When I was a kid I would always dress up as a storm trooper and i heard about the 501st through some friends and the opportunity to do some really awesome things and make people smile as well as myself just sounds amazing to me.
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  1. I am to, I would love to see the armor close up and get ideas. I will check those places out, thank you so much
  2. Hi, my name is Jonathan Holmes based here in hendersonville. I'm very much wanting to join the 501st and have no idea where to start. I heard about the 501st through friends knowing how much I enjoy star wars and making people laugh and enjoy star wars as much as i do. I would like to create an Original Trilogy Stormtrooper, but have no idea where to start and would very much love and appreciate any help from anyone on how to get things rolling.