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Hello All

Name is Justin. MMCC member from Maryville, TN. Married and soon to be father for a second time in about 4 weeks.  Met a couple 501st members at an armor party before celebration, earlier this year. Just recently purchased a ANH tie pilot kit, and getting ready to start the build. Been watching the WTF build videos on YouTube and it seems pretty straight forward, but I did have a few random questions

- wampa wear? Or cheaper options , for the soft parts ? I've seen both and Wampa looks superior

- is a weapon really not necessary for the Tie pilot? CRL says it optional? 

- any specific struggles with this build in particular? 

Looking forward to meeting / trooping soon!

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hiiiiii justin <3 That RC in your avatar looks like a swell dude :P

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Hi Justin and welcome! Glad to see another member from the Knoxville area. The ANH TIE Pilot is an easy build overall IMO. For the soft parts I went with Wampa for the flight suit, gloves, belt and buckle. I've seen a couple other options for the flightsuit, but for me the WampaWear was the way to go.  

The "hardest" thing to find seems to be the boots. I wanted to go thru Imperial Boots initially, but they were too back logged (and pricey) when I was building my kit so trolled eBay and found some engineer boots that worked. The hoses were the second hardest to come by since I initially had the rigid plastic ones and wanted to upgrade to a more flexible option. Otherwise it's a pretty easy build.

Sidearm is an option for the kit. You will have a couple options though, if you choose to carry one. I carry a Power V. The E-11 is another option as well. 

If you have not done so already, I'd very much recommend you sign up on the Jolly Roger Squadron detachment. There seems to be a decent amount of activity on that forum.  Best of luck with your build.

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Welcome! Glad to see another trooper in my neck of the woods. My wife and I are in Seymour about 20mins away and we are both reserve pilots about to upgrade to full pilots, once we get our kits from Tambo. Our cousins Chris and Amy, who are also in the Garrison, also live in Maryville, and we are going to be building a TIE pilot for Amy as well when we start ours. We'll probably be doing some build days, once we get our kits in.

I second and third the opinion of going with WampaWear for the soft parts. I have had a couple different flightsuits and several belts and hats made by others and WampaWear is the way to go. He by far makes the best belt and buckle bar none, so much better than all those Tandy belts out there. The flightsuit is also the best IMO and it has a double zipper, for easy bathroom use ;). The only hat that is better than Wamap's that I have seen is the ones made by Niki Powers, but hers are quite a bit more expensive and she has a wait list, but if willing to wait and pay the extra they are worth it. For the boots I went with Sovietboots. Just an easy way to do it, just make sure to account for the size difference.

and BlackSheep is right, definitely sign up on the forum, that and their facebook groups are very active. Of the 6 detachments I am in, they are by and far the most active. 

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