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MidSouth Garrison

Spring Cleaning / Next Steps

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Sorry about the forum outage yesterday - we had a security update that broke everything, had to get it fixed by IPB support team. In the meantime though, I have turned on the relaunch of our website at midsouthgarrison.com - it's cleaner, faster, more organized, and has a LOT of potential. 


I have added things like a list of our CS, the squads, how to request an event, and how to become a member so far.

BUT - the web team is going to be looking to the members for ideas on how to make it even better. 


Some ideas I have so far:

  • External-facing calendar on website (that gets updated with events we'll be at automatically by posts in the forums)
  • RSVP direct to event postings (to help when doing the Census - 'when did I troop last?')
  • More robust photo gallery
  • Cross-posted feed from social media pages to make blog posts on our website
  • MORE


So thanks to all of you guys for bearing with us while we iron out the bugs from the host transfer a couple months ago. I know the forums were a mess for a few weeks but I was afraid of trying to fix it during elections.


Thanks again,

Your friendly, neighborhood forums dude

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A wise move, Robbie, as some updates cause a cascade issues when software, databases, or server settings get changes.  :)  I'll let you know if I think of something to add.

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