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    Apr 29, 2022 05:00 PM     11:00 PM

    Event Name:  ICCC
    Venue:  Music City Sheraton
    Venue address:  777 McGavock Pike
                    Nashville, Tennessee
    Event Start:  4/29/2022  - 9
    Event End:    5/1/2022  - 6
    Event Website:  www.icNashville.com
    Expected number of attendees:  8000
    Requested number of characters:  50
    Requested character types:
    Secure changing/staging area: Yes
    Can troopers carry blasters: Yes
    Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes
    Is parking available: Yes
    Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes
    Amenities available at venue: I keep a room that the leader of the local Garrison has the key to where there is a bathroom chairs everything.  Water is provided. There is food and stuff on site but it is not free.
    Comments: The ICCC is a sci fi fan and collecting convention for everyone that collects vintage and modern toys and collectibles, loves meeting stars from our generation’s greatest film and TV franchises, and enjoys gathering together with a global community to celebrate the stories we all love and cherish. ICCC features hundreds of vendors from across the nation and around the world; dozens of guest stars signing autographs and taking photos with you from franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and more; movie props, cosplayers, droid builders, comic books, video game tournaments, fan groups, podcasters, artists, live music and much, much more. One of our core values is to make the ICCC affordable for the whole family. That means food that doesn’t cost a fortune, waters that aren’t 8 bucks, inexpensive tickets with family options, and the most cost effective and value-packed VIP experience that’s unmatched by “other” !
     conventions. We’d be honored if you would join us every year for Tennessee’s premier sci fi fan and collecting convention. Follow the #ICCCon hashtag to get in on the buzz.
    Referred by:  The 501st has annually attended ICCC since 2018.
    We are NOW Official.  Event request received.  and pasted above.
    Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention (ICCC)
    Nashville Sheraton Music City Hotel
    777 McGavock Pk
    Nashville, TN 37214
    BTW: Parking at the hotel last year was $12.00 per day via credit card only, so plan accordingly.
    Details, as I understand them:
    We will have  ten (10) free passes... additional passes can be purchased at 50% off for extras and handlers.  I will try to get any coupon code for troopers that want the 50% discount.  Approved 501st Costumes only, please, to get a free pass.  RL and other groups will have their own pool of passes, so we only have to worry about our 10 passes.  Once we fill the ten spots (in order of signup), we can start a waiting list... but we may have to decide when we get closer who will get tickets based on what shifts troopers agree to troop.
    If you get your own pass, here is the code for the 50% discounted passes:  ICCC2022TROOPER  If you have your own pass for the day, you can be on your own schedule and come by our table at any time. Hopefully, you'll hang out some with us too, but this is not mandatory unless you are using a free pass.  Table duty is mandatory for those with free passes, though we will certainly try to work breaks in here and there and some time to walk the floor.  If you'd rather be able to come and go as you please, please purchase a discounted pass.
    WARNING: Out of respect for the ICCC coordinator, please DO NOT give the 50% discount pass code to anyone other than our 501st handlers and extra troopers.  This is not for friends or family outside the MSG troopers (and handlers).  This is a courtesy to us, and the ICCC trying to balance making money with having us be present in numbers.  If we abuse this, they may not offer it again.  Please treat this a gift, that is only to us.  RL and Mando (MMCC) members, you have your own code, so please use that to sign up instead.  If you are a member of both/all three groups, please use the code based on what costume you will be using primarily.  Please see the note below from ICCC... as the code only works for general admission tickets.
    If you plan to switch to something other than 501st approved costumes, please get one of the 50% discounted passes, where table duty will be mostly optional or at least more flexible. 
    We can probably have shifts for this... one on Friday and 2 on Saturday and Sunday if it helps.  Like last year, we can also try to swap the free passes around if the scheduling works that way...
    One person leaves the first shift and turns in the pass at our table on the way out.  New trooper arrives for second shift and uses that pass.  Anyone there all day keeps the pass for the day, but we can also swap them from the previous day to the next one.  Ex: Those there on Friday leave them with someone that is going to be there on Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon troopers can leave them for Sunday morning.
    Free passes will only be given to troopers that agree to be at the table the majority of the time in costume, whether or not we do something like Blast-a-Trooper for charity fund raising --assuming we have room for an activity like these.  Sure, some breaks can be had, but please sign up only if you are willing to be in costume and at/near the table the majority of your shift(s).  If not, please let someone that will troop have that pass.    We may, of course, also have the entire group, except for one table guard or handler, go around the convention to explore here and there, but most of the time should be at/near the 501st table.  If we have props at the table, they should not be allowed to get stolen, so someone needs to stay behind.
    Speaking of tables, we are confirmed to have 4 tables for plenty of props and display items... and will most likely be on the hotel lobby side instead of by the entrance we were at last time. 
    Based on the tickets, the times (and potential shifts) could be as follows:
    Troopers with their own passes that can join us whenever they'd like to:
    Marcus D. and Lisa Michel S. Kathy P.. John M. + Amanda Lorrie P. + Terry  
    New Update (3/17/2022): Derby City Squad (form BlueGrass Garrison -KY) will be bringing their fun props again: Speader bikes, AT-ST, and desert wall to show Navarro scene.  With that, they would like to "employ" 3 MSG troopers to staff/support/work for them to help in kit (Biker Scout and or AT-ST Driver or not), which may include setup and tear down in shifts.  "Payment" would be a vendor pass per trooper that helps (up to 3) in addition to our own pool... and obviously for that trooper.  Also, the donations they collect will also be split with MSG to boot, so incentives all around.  Plus, it is always good to help our KY Garrison neighbors when possible. 
    If you are willing to help them out, and are able to stay with the props during the shift(s), please post a reply below... and we will add you to a separate pool of passes.  Please indicate what times you are available to help for the weekend.
    Derby City Squad helpers (and indicate costume as well)
    -- Laryssa A --Biker Scout (Rebels version) --Friday and Saturday -- --  
    Friday - 12 Noon - 6pm  (one shift and this may include setup time for the table if we have anything for it).
    SETUP ?
    Ron Z. --TK (maybe Scout) Scott S. --The Emperor (+1 handler) Michael R.  -- RG/IC/IG Scott H. --ROTJ Scout (maybe ROTJ Fett)  
    Saturday - (9am VIP access) 10am-6pm (2 shifts)
    Michael R.  -- RG/IC/IG Ron Z. --TK (maybe Scout) --maybe morning. Enrique D. --Lord Vader (+1 handler) Christian D. --TK Scott S. --The Emperor (+1 handler) Robby B. --TK David G. --IC Nick G.-- Sith Acolyte (+1 handler) Chuck S. --Shadow Gaurd (+1 handler)  
    Michael R.  -- RG/IC/IG Ron Z. --TK (maybe Scout) Enrique D. --Lord Vader (+1 handler) Christian D. --TK Scott S. --The Emperor (+1 handler) Nick G.-- Sith Acolyte (+1 handler) Chuck S. --Shadow Gaurd (+1 handler)  
    Sunday - (10am VIP access) 11am-6pm (2 shifts) 
    Michael R.  -- RG/IC/IG Scott S. --The Emperor (+1 handler)  
    2PM-6PM (also includes tear-down and clean up of table)
    Michael R.  -- RG/IC/IG Scott S. --The Emperor (+1 handler)  
    Visiting Troopers that would like passes (if available?):
    Sat - AL - John Tucker DZ12667 TIE Sat - AL - John Tucker's wife TI 11474 as TIE  
    So, please sign up below and indicate SHIFT(s) you can do and Costume(s) you will use that shift.    This event is just under 2 months away, so for now, "tentative" signups can be placed here, but for the free passes to be planned out, please organize your plans by April 15th.  Any signups still labeled "tentative" after April 15th will be dropped to the waiting list in favor of those who know they can attend. 
    Please sign up BY APRIL 22nd:  We will assign the free passes after that point.  You can still cancel if you need to, such as for COVID-19 concerns and the like, but you cannot be added after that to the main rosters.  We can add you to the bottom of the waiting list anyway, but not to the main rosters until after the waiting list has been processed for any that signed up before you.  If by that point, we do still have unused passes for a shift, handlers can then be eligible in the order of signup. As of this moment, Tammey (or who ever Rick's handler will be) would have the first free pass if there are any still opened after April 22nd. If not, handlers will need to get the 50% discounted ticket or buy their own outright.
    If you have props you plan to bring for the table display, please also add that as well.  I'm not sure if we will have table cloths provided or not for the tables, but if we do, that could be nice too.  For example, I have some Dreams and Wishes of TN material we can use on the table.  If we are able to collect, or think we'd like to try, I can let Tanya know we'll be collecting and bring that material with me.

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    May 01, 2022 06:00 PM     10:00 PM

    Venue address:  Broadway from Campbell to 9th Street
                   Louisville, Kentucky
    Event Start:  5/1/22  - 1 pm
    Event End:    5/1/22  - 5 pm

    Sign up here:

    Event Website:  kdf.org
    Expected number of attendees:  10000

    Secure changing/staging area: Yes
    Can troopers carry blasters: Yes
    Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes

    Is parking available: Yes
    Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes

    Amenities available at venue: We will provide the same amenities as before. Please note that the 2022 Pegasus Parade has moved from Thursday to Sunday 5/1/22.  

    Comments: The KY Derby Festival Pegasus Parade. It starts at Campbell and proceeds to 9th Street.  WAVE TV3 will broadcast once again.

    Comment from Bluegrass Garrison:
    “The parade is about 1.75 miles ... takes about 45 minutes to walk it with pauses along the route. 95% flat... 
    we dont have a flatbed scheduled.. but if we need to modify for disability or mobility challenged ... let us know ASAP. so we can work that...
    also, as always BGG will have priority on face characters (i.e.: boba /vader) but please have those folks sign up in the event no host garrison members are available.”

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