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    May 14, 2022 06:00 PM     12:00 AM

    This is a Joint-Ops event where KY is the lead garrison and we are the supporting garrison.  Last time, we had eight (8) or more troopers form TN join the two (2) troopers from KY.  The event requestor (who knows Enrique - Lord Vader) contacted us through him... but the event will really belong to Bluegrass Garrison in KY based on actual location/site.  We will be supporting our northern neighbors.
    Date: May 14, 2022 Warrior-Con
    Site:  Warrior Zone on base, Fort Campbell, KY
    Address: 3910 Indiana Ave, Ft.  Campbell, KY 42223  --Most likely.
    Time: 1PM to 7PM for the entire thing, but they may break it in two parts.
    Details: The event requestor has asked us to join them again.  The plan at the moment is for 1PM-3PM to the family version and the 4PM-7PM to be the "adult version" --her words, not mine.  My guess is that the family con and the adult con may contain different costuming options... where the costumes might be more mature based on the later one.  Little kids are bound to be at the first part, so they might try to steer of the more adult costumes (such as Slave Leia) to only the second half of the Warrior-Con.
    Last time, there was a mini-vendor section, a costume contest for the troops/family, and a few other little things.  This certainly was not confined to Star Wars, but we were the main featured attraction.  I know they are opened to RL, Mando, and Droid Builders... and will likely add other costumers (super heroes, Ghostbusters, etc.) to the mix.  We also did a "grand entrance" for them with a mini-procession.
    BASE NOTES: Obviously, since this will be on the military base itself, anyone that does not already have a gate pass will need to plan to be there early to get the visitor pass at the main gate. We used Gate 4 last time.   No weapons allowed, and you must bring ID, vehicle registration & insurance proof, and of course, have a legitimate reason to be there.  The event requestor should notify the visitor station why and when we will be coming out for their event, so we will likely just have to tell them something like, "We are here for the Warrior Zone's Warrior-Con", and who our contact is. I planned  to be there 2 hours earlier from the event time, and it worked out last time we went.
    Please use this spreadsheet provided by Bluegrass Garrison to sign up and ensure to use the correct tab.
    You can also feel free to post below to let us know here as well, but please make sure you add yourself to the Bluegrass Garrison signup document above. 
    Ex: Please make sure you indicate the Club as Midsouth Garrison, Corellian Base, Mando Mercs TN clan, or something like that so they know which troopers are TN visitors vs KY troopers.

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