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    Feb 22, 2020 10:00 PM     02:00 AM

    Okay, so this is an event we were requested for to help cheer up a hospice patient.  
    Location:  Governor's Square Mall just off I-24 (Exit 4)
    Date: Feb 22nd, 2020 from about 4PM to 8PM.  Sorry for the short notice, but time is of the essence.
    Part 1:  Hospice Patient meet and greet (plus family that are all Star Wars fans) arranged by a healthcare provider that knows him well.  This will last about an hour or so.  We should be suited up and ready to go by 4PM... or close to it.  We will take our time and mingle with them.  They are likely to leave about 5PM --or if he gets anxious and needs less excitement.  We will probably use a vacant store within the mall to change, and since the first part will be a more private event, we will invite them into the store area... and keep the changing area as far away from the doorway as possible.  When they leave, it will become our changing room.  Since his health is failing, it is better to do this hospice visit sooner rather than later.  Perhaps we can cheer him/them up.
    Part 2: Once he and his family leave, the plan is to stay and troop the mall for a few hours after that.  Similar to when we support the Dreams and Wishes of TN fund raiser at the GSM location ...often on Father's Day weekend... we will troop in a designated area (likely in the center of the mall somewhere) to help the mall staff raise donations for the American Cancer Society.   We can then troop as long as we are able to do so... and leave around 8PM or so.
    No restrictions on RL, Mando, or Droid builders, so all are welcomed, including handlers.
    Roster: Post if you can make it, and what costume(s) you will likely use

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