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    Feb 27, 2020 10:30 PM     04:00 AM

    Location: (Name and address) Bridgestone Arena 501 Broadway Nashville TN 37203

    Parking location and details: (Parking should be free) Depending on how many vehicles- parking will be provided.

    Event date: February 27 2020

    Event start time & approx. end time: 6:30PM-10PM
    Call time:

    Changing room details: We will provide a changing room either in a meeting room or down on event level.
    Other information from Lucasfilm:
    Teams cannot direct fan group members to do any activities or be anywhere specific at any specific time - they may provide the groups with a list of activities to self-organize and participate in, but it is at fan group members’ own discretion.
    We strongly prefer that characters not throw out first pitches, participate in puck drops, sing the National Anthem or things of that nature – if they want, fan group members may escort a child or fan to the mound, etc., but must not be directed to do so.
    Characters should not hold, wear, sit in or stand on any branded item or logo, especially with a team emblem. The fan groups are welcome to be photographed with others wearing the team logo/brands or in front of signage featuring the team logo/brand, however.

    Event details

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