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Jenna and Diane’s Wedding


Event details

Event Name:  Jenna and Diane’s Wedding
Venue:  Epic Event Center
Venue address:  392 west Main Street
                Gallatin, Tennessee
Event Start:  10-10-2020  - 5pm
Event End:    10-10-2020  - 7pm
Event Website: 
Expected number of attendees:  100
Requested number of characters:  2
Requested character types:
Secure changing/staging area: Yes
Can troopers carry blasters: Yes
Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes
Is parking available: Yes
Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes
Amenities available at venue: There will be restrooms and water. We can have the members change in one of our dressing rooms. The wedding begins at 6pm so we want the troopers early to “check” to make sure the guests are authorized.
Comments: This is a wedding with a reception to follow. The troopers do not need to stay the entire time for the reception. I am happy to donate money to a cause that the 501st supports.
Referred by:  I am a huge Star Wars fan. I do not know how I originally heard about the 501st but I think it was in a fan forum from theforce.net.