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ICCC weekend convention at Sheraton Music City Hotel


Event details

Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention


Sheraton Music City Hotel
777 McGavock Pk

Nashville, TN 37214

Hotel website if you need a room: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/bnasi-sheraton-music-city-nashville-airport/


NOTE:  Updates may follow with more details later from ICCC, and possibly from Metro Nashville COVID-19 Response updates, but we have been invited to the ICCC for 2021. 

We have done this event before, so you may remember it well when it was one of the events held at the Williamson Co. Ag Center in Franklin.  It may be a little different with Social Distancing and mask requirements, but this is an opportunity to troop, bring some cheer to brighten up the weekend, and enjoy a convention at the same time.


Setup and breakdown times will follow later.


How photo ops will work will be provided later.


Passes: The MSG has been given a limited number of free passes, which will be given to those that will commit to trooping a shift on any one of the day "shifts", where each trooper is in approved costume(s) for most of that time and near the table (or in a group if we are allowed to roam around in costume).  MSG has been given a table, so anyone who wants to bring props to display can do so.  The 20 vendor passes may be able to be extended if we can coordinate passing them from one costumed character to the other as the shifts change...so please respond with your preferred day, and what shift or shifts you would like to troop. 


Obviously, if there are enough passes for everyone, everyone will get one... but since there may not be, table duty and other factors like signup order, will be used to help decide who gets the free passes.  Like we have with some other events, we are going to give priority to newer members with approved costumes if we need to break ties for the free passes...if needed.   At this time, we are going to exclude handlers from this unless there are extras.  If so, handlers will also get them...so please indicate number of handlers if you have them when you post to sign up.


If you would like to avoid table duty, and be on your own schedule for the convention, please feel free to use the ICCC link above to purchase your own tickets.  Free passes will go to those that will be promoting the MSG and acting as representatives of the 501st legion.  As long as we have a sizable group of costumed characters, a few can work the table in the MSG racing shirts too... just make sure there are some actual characters please. And feel free to swap out during a shift or from shift to shift as breaks are needed from hot costumes.  :)


If there is enough interest in doing so, we can also run a donation/collection for a worthy cause.  People are more likely to donate if costumed characters are available to draw them to the table.


Roster: Please post if you can attend and which day(s) shift(s) you think you can do... and if possible, what character:


Friday, April 16th




    Saturday, April 17th

    10AM - 3PM



    3PM - 8PM



    Sunday, April 18th

    11PM - 2PM



    2PM - 6PM




    Hopefully, we can all have a good time trooping this event, and everyone will get to participate that wants to.