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- Thur to Sun - Sound Haven at Jaceland - Tracy City, TN


Event details

Event Name:  Sound Haven
Venue:  Jaceland
Venue address:  5226 Burkett Chapel Cemetary Rd
                Tracy City, Tennessee
Event Start:  7/29  - 12pm
Event End:    8/1  - 3am
Event Website:  soundhavenfestival.com
Expected number of attendees:  4,000
Requested number of characters:  10-15
Requested character types:
Secure changing/staging area: Yes
Can troopers carry blasters: Yes
Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes
Is parking available: Yes
Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes
Amenities available at venue: Meals provided for day of appearance. Free water and Restrooms available on-site.
Comments: Sound Haven is an alien themed bass-music festival taking place at an off-road park near Chattanooga, TN. We have sold 3,000 tickets and expect 4,000 total attendees this year. This is an upcoming festival generating a ton of hype and excitement for our 2021 festival.
Referred by:  Scott from MidSouth Garrison Music City Squad


NOTES: My guess is that if we can make any day, it would be Saturday, July 31st... and probably limited to a four hour block.  I am going to ask some questions of the event requestor... and make sure our entry is free...  While I am doing that, if anyone is interested, please post that you can attend and what day(s) and time(s) you'd prefer.  I'm not sure how well we will fit in this, but gauging interest from our side.  Post if you can attend, or think you might be able to... and we will try to narrow in on a time block. :)  The blocks below are just to group for now... not saying anyone has to commit to such long blocks...


Thursday (Noon - Midnight)



Friday (Morning, Afternoon, and/or Evening)



Saturday (Morning, Afternoon, and/or Evening)

Michael R. --IC  --Afternoon 1-5PM or 2-6PM (If we do this, this would be my vote.)


Sunday (Midnight - 3AM)



Again, the blocks above are to organize are interests for now... not that you'd have to troop the whole days.