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-Monday-Franklin-Golfing for Dreams and Wishes


Event details

Event Name:  Golfing for Dreams and Wishes
Venue:  Old Natchez Country Club
Venue address:  115 Garden Gate Drive
                Franklin, Tennessee
Event Start:  8/22/22  - 5:00pm
Event End:    8/22/22  - 6:45pm
Event Website:  www.GolfingForDreamsAndWishes.org - Ben’s wish reveal
Expected number of attendees:  135
Requested number of characters: 
Requested character types:
Secure changing/staging area: Yes
Can troopers carry blasters: Yes
Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes
Is parking available: Yes
Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes
Amenities available at venue: Restroom, changing area, water/sodas/etc, Bar B Q dinner
Comments: We are granting a wish for 20 year old Ben at our golf tournament. He's battling a brain tumor. He is the sweetest and most thoughtful teen you would ever meet!!  Ben and his younger brother are HUGE Star Wars fans. Ben’s wish is to take his little brother to Orlando to the Star Wars them park area at Walt Disney World.  It’s a trip they would never be able to do on their own as a family not financed obligations.

Ben and his family are from Cordova, TN and will be traveling to Nashville for this event. The boys will be told they are joining the golf event to share what Ben has been through with his cancer journey. I can’t wait to surprise them by letting them know they will be going to Disney and they will get to see the Star Wars land.

I thought it would be super special if we could have some troopers come out and be part of this special announcement.

The announcement will take place after the tourney, during dinner. Since it’s golf, we don’t have a specific time. However, typically this happens between 5:30-6. Arriving anytime before that would be great.  The event will be held inside so we will have AC.

Let me know if anyone has questions. Thank you so much! 

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