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Solo: A Star Wars Story // AMC Thoroughbred 20 // Franklin, TN


Event details

Helmets and lightsabers are allowed, no blasters.


We are being allowed to see the movie and have snacks and drinks, but every seat in this theater is a reserved seat now so you may not get to sit with friends or you may not be able to get into the specific showing you want, unless you buy a ticket. There is no way around this, but we will do our best to be flexible.

If you are trooping this, you MUST sign up both here and on the Google Drive sheet linked below. The theater will NOT allow anyone not on this list to troop or see the movie. This is to keep people from sneaking friends who didn't troop into the showings.

This is cross-posted with the Corellian Base of the Rebel Legion. We will use the same signup sheet.