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    Hi, I'm Jay. My wife and I live in Christiana. We moved to the area when I retired from the Navy in November of 2011. We love hockey and are Predators season ticket holders. I work for Bridgeston at the Warren County Plant. Cant wait to meet everyone. I met a member and his wife, Ed and Julie Gay, at Nashville Cars and Coffee and at that time, as much as I wanted to, I just didn't have the time to dedicate to getting a costume ready and approved. It sucks that they have moved away but now I can spend a bit more time and $$$ getting one ready. I am very new to costuming but several weeks ago started researching and ordering parts to start my ROTJ Vader build. Important note: I am not the tallest (5'9.75") but I think I remember some short green jedi saying something about size matters not.... I have watched several you tube video's from 501st members about it and have loved each one of their builds and all of the charity events that are attended. So here are the parts I have thought about and/or ordered. If anyone has any other input, I am open to all suggestions. Most of these parts I have ordered or are going to order have been recommended by several Darths on the SIthlord Detachment Forums. I will update things as orders are placed/parts received: PARTS LIST @bookface: Shins, Helmet and armor : order placed on 11/15/22 Gloves: Have my name on the wait list to get on a noisetrigger run but until then going to go with Endorfinders Leather 3 piece set: after reading several suggestions and WIPs I am going to go with crowprops Cape and robe set: going with Custom Props belt : in transit from barkydog1 on the SLD forum. 11/10/22. beltbuckle: Darkside. Payment sent 11/11/22. Chest and belt boxes: on @DarthONeal's run list for January and going to build of a set of belt boxes myself. If I can get them done well enough I may see if I can tackle some for others.. COD Piece: On build list for one from Lee Richards and one from CRProps. Sound system: Zoom Multi Stomp fx pedal(ordered), bluetooth mic, transducers(ordered) , sound loop mp3 player. All received and working on dialing in my setting on the multistomp. Helmet Cooling system: pretty much a clone of what many are using 3 12v fans, variable speed controller. Lightsaber: Ordered from @BrotherVader. Ordered 11/12/22. Then lastly good boots maybe with the maximum approvable heel because I am going to put in some lifts to get a bit more height so I can be somewhere around 6'1" -6'3"ish. Any input on boots is highly apreciated. For how accurate I would like to be, well I would like to be as accurate as possible but yet not break the bank(understanding that this is an expensive build) and have the budget to complete it) but also I would like to be able to get parts to be approved really as soon as I can get on a list and get them produced. Again understanding that it is a marathon and not a sprint but I would like to have a nice quick pace in said marathon. After having a completed and approved suit I will tweak in more accuracy by hopefully getting on some of these parts build runs to get as close to movie accurate as I can get. This build is definitely a marathon and you have to have a lot of patience....It is going to be a long 16 weeks from last Wednesday waiting on my Helmet, armor and shin guards.... I am very excited to be building this costume which was, of course, a childhood dream to do. Jay