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    Hello everyone. My name is Crystal Bumpus. I am not currently a member of the 501st, but I am looking to join. I do a lot of trooping with a couple cosplay groups for charity and have worked side by side with the Midsouth Garrison here in Nashville. I will be submitting my second sister for approval. Some of you have probably seen me around as Ahoska Tano. Can't wait to meet you all.
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    Hey everyone!! I'm Hallie from the very small town of Lexington, AL!! We're situated right on the Tennessee state line, making trooping in both states easy and manageable to do! I met Micheal Richardson at a convention in Huntsville, Al, and recently was at ICCC! I can't wait to meet such wonderful new people!! Sent from my SM-G996U using Tapatalk
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    My name is Melissa. Those who have met me probably know me as Mara Jade. Been doing this for 6 years now after being introduced by a friend during a bad weekend. ToyRus toy drive was always fun. I’m working on a costume that is six years in the making now, and will be working on another version (or 2) or Mara Jade.
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    Representing on my travel jacket now !!
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    Hey John! Nice to meet you! The funny thing is, I'm on the shorter side as well lol
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    I'm glad to be officially in the 501st! TI-77514 reserve pilot reporting!
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    Long time fan, first time caller... Hey everyone, This is Whit Thompson out of Knoxville. I have been taking photos for the Knox Eisley Garrison since before they were official and decided to try things on the other side. I presently have an ESB Imperial Bridge Crewman costume that will be making it's first official appearance at Fanboy Expo. - Whit IC-10586
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    My name is Christian Dunham and im looking to join the 501st legion soon!
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    Hello everyone my name is Bob Holland. I've been around the 501st in my area for a few years now and finally finished my costume. I live in Louisville KY so I've been around the Derby City Squad pretty much since their inception. I'm extra stoked to get to bring Jawazilla to life and bring joy to the masses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone! My name is Doug Hahn and my father and I just joined from a galaxy far far away! I'm looking forward to being in the 501st with fellow troopers! Long live the empire!
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    I would not recommend this kit/seller. It looks like most of the materials are 3D printed. Which can be ok, but requires a lot of extra work; that the seller might not put into it(print lines and their removal being the biggest hurdle). The pictures he includes look pretty good, but like Michael mentioned, that is not what you are getting. With the seller being in Russia, you could run into a situation where the quality may not be what you expected and it could take an extended period of time to work out any issues. Which leads to a final point, the seller is in Russia and in case you have missed the news this morning, Russia is about to find itself massively sanctioned which could lead to extended shipping times; and if you look at the reviews shipping times are an issue with this seller when Russia is not invading their neighbors... As attractive as "one stop shop" is, it rarely works out and you will often find people overcharging for the package deal.
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    Hello Fett1!!! Great to hear your interested in joining!!!!! What part of Tennessee do you live??? For intrest in Boba Fett, I highly recommend visiting www.thedentedhelmet.com For Jango needs, I highly recommend going to thebhg.net Be sure to visit the CRL, Costume Reference Library for Boba and Jango. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!!!!! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Hi Everyone! My name is Charity Miller, and I just moved to Lee County, VA from Tampa, FL. I am currently a member of the Florida Garrison/Tampa Bay Squad, but I have started the transfer process to the Midsouth Garrison. I live very close to the VA/TN border, so I am much closer to the Knox Eisley squad than I am to any Virginia squads. I have three approved costumes - Reserve pilot, TIE pilot and Zam Wesell. I know the timing is a bit weird with COVID, but I am hoping that as things open up, I'll get to start trooping again! I can't wait to meet you all!
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    Thanks everyone, it’s been great trooping with you all too! I can indeed see the event topics, thanks for following up on that!
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    Hello Folks. My name is Andy Cox and I'm new to the group. Just got my official 501s membership email yesterday. I live in the Spring Hill TN area. Looking forward to meeting some of you in the future and hopefully trooping with you.
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    Welcome! Glad to have you back in East Tennessee!
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    Hey guys and gals. Several of you know me in the Nashville area, as I have been tagging along to events and such for the last 2 or so years, but I will follow instructions and introduce myself. I'm Becki Moore. I am part of several costuming groups in the Nashville area including but not limited to the TN Ghostbusters, Cosplay Collective, Music City Order of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Nashville Avengers and so on. I'm looking forward to my next troop. See you all soon!
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    Yep! I'm the only Fixer in the garrison
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    Hey all! My name is Joe and I'm an active BB8 builder and have tagged along with a few R2 builders to a local con(fandom fest). I'm looking to get involved so I can bring my BB8 to some future events. Note: BB8 in the photo IS mine, R2 is not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, I'm Michael Steinmacher and soon I will reveal myself to the Jedi. I'm in the final stages of finishing up my Darth Sidious/Emperor costume from ROTJ. Looking forward to being part of the MidSouth Garrison!