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    Hey everyone! My name is Doug Hahn and my father and I just joined from a galaxy far far away! I'm looking forward to being in the 501st with fellow troopers! Long live the empire!
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    Hi all! TK-10872 reporting for duty! I’m a visiting trooper based in northern Virginia but will be living part time in Nashville so wanted to connect with the local legion! I’d love to join for events when I’m around and look forward to meeting you all. John
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    Welcome John!!! Strength in numbers I always say!! My son Doug and I just joined and so far this group has been amazing getting us onboard!!! Hope to meet you at some event!! There's a good one coming up 8/22!! Very worthy cause and right up the Empires alley!!
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    Folks Greetings from middle Tennessee!! My name is Walter Hahn. My son, Doug and I just a few days ago got our ANH Stormtrooper suits approved and are looking to join up with this garrison. What a wealth of information you have that made getting parts I needed!! I see Tenasious is also from the Boro. Looking forward to meeting and trooping with all of you soon!!