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  1. Hi guys I'm Zac

    PM sent
  2. Greetings from Monticello, KY

    Welcome Brian.
  3. Introduction

    Nathan, I've got two more semesters before I'm a Rad Tech myself!! Really.
  4. New Guy from Knoxville TN

    "I have been doing costuming, cosplay, larping for almost 10 years now. ' LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! :D
  5. Hello from Jamestown, Tennessee

    Depends on what you are wanting to build. First tip applies to all costumes though, start saving up your money! Let us know what you are wanting to do and the tips and direction will follow.
  6. Hello from Memphis

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Introduction

    Hey Nathan, we talked for quite some time that day, glad to see you're on the boards. Keep your questions coming and you'll get all the answers you need. I have a build day coming up in two weeks if you are up for a road trip.
  8. New Guy from Knoxville TN

    Welcome Chris. Check out the Prop Building threads. Quite a few get togethers brewing. Please bring your stuff and come hang out.
  9. Hello from the Canadian Garrison

    Welcome Aye! There a lot of great members of our garrison near you. Come out and play! We've got a build day planned on 3/17 if you don't mind driving a bit. Check out the prop building thread. Otherwise, hope to troop with you soon!
  10. Hello from Beijing, China!

    Welcome Haotian!! Looking forward to helping anyway I can and trooping with you.
  11. Hiyas! Noob here!

    Dizzy, get going on your TK. I'm starting to get the Boba Bug myself so maybe we can do a dual build in the fall?
  12. Hello from Owensboro, KY

    Welcome. If you're ever in the Knoxville Tn area, give us a shout and hang out.
  13. Playing in your back yard

    Make it So! Great news John. Welcome aboard!
  14. Hiyas! Noob here!

    Welcome Dizzy. Saw you at the Ice Bears. Let me know if you have any questions about the armor build.
  15. New guy here

    Welcome, Hope to troop with you soon!
  16. John, I would like to personally invite you and your R2 to our troop in Kingston on 6/18. There is a small indoor lobby area and a nice smooth patio type entrance that I think would give R2 a smooth ride. We would live for you to come out.


  17. Potential Clone

    Welcome aboard, lets build something soon.
  18. We're here to help.

  19. Chad Vader Introduction

    Welcome Chad! If you ever come Crossville, Kingston, or Knoxville tn way give a shout out and we'll get together and hang out.......troop... what ever!
  20. Howdy!

    Welcome Jack, actually your size would make you a great Tk or Clonetrooper so don't rule out any of the armor. Email me if you have questions like what to buy? VS. what can I build.
  21. New guy in 'Nooga

    Welcome! Char and Trent will treat you right. That's a great area to join. If you are ever in the Knoxville area, give out a shout. We've got a nice group of TK's and Clonetroopers here with a lot of great other costumes too. If you need any help building your armor, just post it. You'll get plenty of suggestions and advice. Post pictures whenever you can. Again, Welcome. Heatray
  22. Hello all. It's been a long time coming. Totally missed the Dragon*Con target, but finally, and I do mean finally my armor is done. Got my approval yesterday into the 501st so I am ready for some celebrating. Gotta shout out to Ronnie Cupp firstly and also Chad Ried. Without these two guys I would probably still be working on this stuff until the next triligy came out. They mixed just the right amount of sweat, tears, mistakes, CA glued skin parts, and alcohol to get the job done. O.k., maybe too much alcohol a few times........... ok, a lot of times but the point is they helped me "git er done!" so thanks guys. here is a link to some photos of the process and final results. http://s1012.photobucket.com/albums/af243/heatray/ I am ready to do some more trooping and partying. I heard a little of that goes on around here with this crowd? Are they just talking about Jon? 8 Let me know what you think, Heatray
  23. CC 5288 Bacara at your service!

    Jeeeeeze Jonathon, I just got done with my very first build and now that picture of your animated armor makes me want to dive right back in and build another one. What's wrong with me?
  24. CC 5288 Bacara at your service!

    By the looks of those Dewbacks, I picked a hell of a time to toss my "My Little Pony" collection. could have made some awesome MidSouth dioramas!