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  1. New guy from Knoxville, TN

    Hey guys I have some armor I need help with some of it im stuck on my legs , after july would be great can i get an armor party ? how much mo ney would i need ? I working toward comicon but I can see what i can do I could really use the help
  2. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    thanks for that info yeh the helmet is looking like it wont fit right, the armor maybe with the dremel smoothing enough room I think it will work,its only the first armor but I will buy a more expensive 1 later
  3. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    Unfortunatly I work Thurs - Sun my only days off are Mon - wed and its not a fx kit its ABH I think the helmet is different, they called it a stunt helmet but material is cheaper than the armor itself, I can fix the helmet but it needs trimmed fitted just right, once I put some bondo on it , and I sand it after painting i think it will be right, this is a learning exp and Im working on it hoping I do it right the first time lol
  4. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    thanks that would be great I wasnt sure what to look for ,but experimentation is part of it, Im going to knoxville on wed for a few errands I could meet you somewhere
  5. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    I am finding out at times how frustrating doing these pieces can be, i almost cracked a leg while trimming, the helmet could be a trick putting it together, Im looking at putting a snap on top to place it then finding the right type of plastic strip to go across the whole helmet once i do that then i will use bondo on it to make it more sturdy , any suggestions on type of strip across the helmet something at Lowes or home depot that may work?
  6. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    Thanks ill def look at them i have a gun, i just need the pouch and boots off Ebay, and a whole list of items.
  7. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    Yeh I miss trooping working sats and sundays blows, I am hoping to get a job where im off weekends,eventually i will get weekends off again , when i get this armor built and then work to buy an fx suit then it will be all worth it!!!!!
  8. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    well I cant make free comic book day but i can arrange another saturday,I am buying what i need each paycheck this will be a slow process, but im just getting started so any help I will gladly welcome , this armor isnt FX, but its still sturdy,my biggest problem may be the straps and shaping the pieces just right so they fit so far the 1 arm is looking pretty good once i smooth the edges witha dremel it should fit better.
  9. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    Yeh I bought some armor finally , Ive already started working on it,its not FX but Styrene its supposed to be more screen accurate I think , its sturdy but not like what you and duke have , I used bondo on the arm and smoothed it out and I think once its painted it will look good.
  10. soon to be a stormtrooper ((( I hope !)))

    Unfortunatly i work Saturdays and I cant do many events right now , I am currently looking to get a job where i have weekends off, I have started working on my armor and its a learning process, so far its not looking bad I want to be done by Dragon*Con but Im not rushing this , I want to do it right so I can get in the 501, 1 question what type of strip would be good to put across the helmet to secure it , I figure to put a snap in front and then put strip over it to hide the snap, any suggestions?
  11. Hey all Im James from Sweetwater, TN I just bought some armor and waiting for it to arrive , I am hoping to get it together soon and want to apply to the 501rst!!!!