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  1. Hey MidSouth!

    Hey everybody, My name is Matt Lindon. I'm a member of the Ohio Garrison, and a new member of the Rebel Legion. I've been in the 501st since January of 2009. (I've been wanting to do this ever since 1999. Been a fan since 1977) I have four Star Wars costumes so far. My first and favorite is Darth Nihilus. Then I got the Kashyyyk Trooper (BARC), an Imperial Officer (Admiral Ozzel), and just recently Commander Bly. I learned about the MidSouth after meeting Tony (TC 6201) at a troop. I've trooped with him at a few other events since then. (Most recently, at a JDRF walk at Kings Island amusement park, near Cincinnati.) I've visited your site before, but I didn't get a good look around until now. I only know a few people from the northern Kentucky area. (TC 6201 and Topgun.) Also checking for any events that might be near the northern Kentucky area. (Not much going on in Ohio right now.) Plus, I missed Wonderfest. (Dang! Maybe next year.) Louisville isn't that far of a drive for me. A co-worker went to Wonderfest with his son. He said, "Did you go there? The 501st was there." I told him I didn't. He said he had a great time and that the 501st looked awesome. Thanks for allowing me to look around. If anybody is going to Dragon*Con, I might see you there! Cheers! Matt