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  1. Finally!!!

  2. Hello from Nashville area

    On FB as Lorri Rigel King
  3. Hello from Nashville area

    You're not alone in Antioch! I'm on Bell Rd.
  4. Noob From Nashville (Area)

    I'm an old school fan girl myself. Saw it the first time August 1977 when I was 13. Been in love with SW ever since.
  5. Greetings From Smyrna

    Hey, I'm in Antioch, known as the painter of buttons! TK building is a lot of fun. If you have any questions just pop any of us a message. Welcome to the addiction of ABS & E6000.
  6. Hello From Murfreesboro

    We have several members in the Murfreesboro area if I recall correctly. Welcome.
  7. Huntsville is the backyard. No reason at all why we can't all play together.
  8. Reliable Info For A Newbie

    Welcome To Midsouth. Suppliers depends on what you are wanting to wear.
  9. Hello There.

    Welcome Kevin!
  10. Hello From Louisville!

    Welcome to Midsouth! Youre in my hometown. I went stunt ANH and it is pretty weird getting used to the holster on the left.
  11. Transferred Tk

    Welcome to Midsouth. Nashville is big into TKs. Yay for more shiny white armor!
  12. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    Come out to Cool Springs on Sunday & visit us in the workshop.
  13. New Nash.villain.

    Woohoo for more female TKs! Welcome Maureen. I live in Antioch as well. See you on Sunday.
  14. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    Welcome to MSG! We have fairly regular armor/prop building gatherings here in Nashville. Which armor kit did you order Chris? My armor is NE with an ATA bucket.