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    i'm in to old tv shows ex: bewitched, giligans island, munsters...

    i'm a scifi nut like most on here.

    into drawing, sculpture making.
    have a coumputer aided drafting design degree and working on human resources degree.

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  1. Hey!  Newbie here.  I'm hoping to get the days off this weekend, but if not, there's a possibility I can swing by to help for part of the day Saturday, and maybe Sunday depending on event hours.  Did you need helpers or another costume? Not sure if a TI would be in order, but if so, let me know. Its easiest to text/call me, but after 10am. I will check the forums as time permits, tho.  -TJ



  2. star wars day at the knoxville zoo is coming up


    welcome to the club. we lied we don't have cookies lol.
  4. going to boo at the zoo on the 13th as spiderman

  5. june 4 hard knox rollergirls

  6. june 4 hard knox rollergirls

  7. can we update the event list on the public side? gotalot of people visiting the site to find events and none are posted were they can see. and our facebook page should have a list of up coming events too. pellcon might get more trafic and take off if we get the word out too.
  8. is going to starwars night at smokies baseball 8-9-10

  9. tk 9589 damon here

    i'm back in knoxville now. just got back from VA. my uncle passed away monday night. he's the 3rd in my family to die from strokes. i got to start eatting better. still got to mow the family plot and pick out the head stone and have the service. he was cremated. don't know if i'll be able to go to adventure con yet or not looking to be a no. if there are any events coming up in june or july let me know. won't be online much this week.
  10. tk 9589 damon here

    today they took him off teatment. he had a massive stroke there giving him 3 days to live. may will be a hard month.
  11. tk 9589 damon here

    just had some very sad news. my uncle just had a very major stroke i'll be heading to VA to see him tomorrow. will not be able to go to the scifi event after all. he's not expected to make it. don't know when i'll be back in town. keep him in the prayers.
  12. tk 9589 damon here

    it just took me a while. but i'm in now so were are these other boards everyone has been talking about that i couldn't view. anyone know what time we need to be at scifi city tomarrow? will there be a changing area or do we just walk in in armor. and how long are we going to be there got a few friends wanting to bring some kids over and they didn't want to miss out on the troopers.
  13. it's offical i'm in the 501st now. a stormtrooper officer tk9589. tomorrow will be my first event as a 501st. was wondering dose the officer wear the shoulder pauldron? or will i need to be in just the plain armor tomarrow.
  14. would have helped alot i messed up the last part of mine so i'm turning it into a bank or something.
  15. already turned in man i think i'm in when is weird al going to be in knoxville. i'd need to put in for some time off from work