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  1. what color patches do you have left?

  2. I understand you had a lot going on and just wanted to make sure you had my order change for patches. thank you.

  3. Northern TN hello!!!!

    Late to the party, but welcome!!
  4. Greetings from San Diego!

    Any chance you'll be down into the Nashville area at all during your visit?
  5. Welcome! With the holidays, most of the events chill out for a while afterwards. There is an event at Lipscomb coming up in Feb. that might be a good one to go out and meet some folks at. Always good to volunteer to 'handle' at an event as a newbie, to see how an event works, how to help others put their gear on, etc. I imagine once it warms back up towards spring, you'll start seeing armor parties crop up again where people get together to work on builds and hang out. Several in the Nashville area , including myself, have a bunch of projects siting around that need work.
  6. 501st Access (again)

    Have you sent a PM to someone within Garrison command? (not me cause i dont believe I can access member profile changes lol but someone like the Ed or Robbie?)
  7. Probably those blasphemous Green Apple ones instead of the true Green skittles, Lime also, HI NEW PERSON!
  8. Hello Midsouth Garrison!

    Hey there! I don't live too far from you , just off a couple exits north of you on 24. I'm also one of the ones in that BluRay 2007 Rose Parade video a couple of times lol ( though back then I was part of Florida Garrison) Looking forward to meeting ya!
  9. Are you only in Louisville for your visit?
  10. Greetings from Nashville

    Drums since I have a bit of experience with the bodhran already. But I wouldnt be opposed to trying to learn the pipes
  11. Hello!

  12. Howdy from Nashville, TN

    NEEDS MORE DIRT!!! Welcome!!
  13. Greetings from Nashville

    Ah yeah thats the one I'm talking about. Me and Adam and Chad are the folks Nathan knows in the 501st lol . Look forward to meeting ya soon! I wish you guys practiced later on Mondays cause I'd join up myself! You should also look into the Kilted Trooper Brigade if you havent already. The husband and I are both in that as well Armor and kilts are a fun combo for sure.http://www.501ktb.com/
  14. Greetings from Nashville

    Is the guy in your pipe band named Nathan perhaps?